Nothing Like Us.

read to find out.


4. 03.

Chapter 3


"Dad!" I practically screamed. I jumped off of the counter and ran over to him and hugged him. "Hey, sweetie! How is my beautiful babygirl?" My dad said as he hugged me back. "Eh, I'm okay, I guess." I said as I pulled out of the hug, I looked over and saw Twist and Lil Za. "Ayee, Scooter," Justin said as he walked over to my dad and hugged him "Why are you guys here?" Justin said as he pulled out of the hug and walked over to the couch. He plopped down onto the couch and motioned me to come over there with him. I rolled my eyes as I walked over to the couch and sat next to Justin. "Well, there are a couple reasons why I stopped by. First off, I wanted to see my daughter, second, these two idiots didn't have a ride," My dad pointed to Twist and Za who were both on their phones. "so they called me and asked me if I could drop them off, and lastly, I have some gooooood news." Things were quiet.. we all looked at one another, well, except for Justin. He was glaring at my dad, as if he knew what the "good news" is. "I'm going on tour, aren't I?" Justin finally broke the silence. I looked at my dad, waiting for him to respond. My dad sighed, oh no. "Yes, you're going back on tour.. but, I might have forgotten to mention that there is some bad news.." My dad finally said. "Uh, Marie, why don't you go with Twist and Za upstairs? I need to talk to Justin.. privately." My dad spoke again. I nodded my head slightly as I got up off of the couch and walked up the stairs. Twist and Za finally put their phones away and followed me up the stairs. "Damn, girl. Your ass is lookin' fine as fuck in those tights." Twist said, as I walked in Justin's bedroom. "Do not even start, Christopher." I turned around and looked at Twist. He hated when I called him by his real name. "Listen ma', you don't have to get all mad. I'm jus' lettin' you know that you look good. Damn, a nigga can't even express his own opinions." Twist and Za both chuckled. I rolled my eyes as I made my way over to Justin's bed. I plopped onto Justin's bed face first. "Do you guys know what my dad and Justin are talking about?" I mumbled into the pillow. "Whatcha say?" Za said. I felt somebody sitting on the end of the bed. I picked my head up and said again, "Do you guys know what my dad and Justin are talking about?" They were both quiet, which concerned me because these two are hardly ever quiet. I turned around so I was facing both of them, Za was sitting on the end of the bed and Twist was leaning against the door. I cleared my throat loudly, hoping that they would tell me. "Are you guys gonna tell me or what?" I said as I looked at both of them. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang that seemed to come from downstairs. I jumped out of the bed and tried to leave the room, but, Twist was blocking the door. "Can you please move?" I asked nicely. My heart was beating so fast, I wanted to see if my dad and Justin were okay. Twist shook his head no. "C'mon! Didn't you hear that? What if something happened?" I yelled at Twist. He just looked at me, he didn't say a word.. he just, stared. He then shook his head again. I groaned loudly. I stood infront of Twist, I crossed my arms and glared at him. It was terribly quiet for about a minute.. but, that didn't last long. "Why the fuck can't she come with us? I'm gonna be on tour for a year, and you know damn well you're not gonna fly her where ever we are. Why can't she just come with us?" I heard Justin yell. My heart shattered into a million pieces.. was he talking about me? He had to of been talking about me. "Listen here, Christopher, if you do not fucking move I will beat the shit out of you and then cut your dick off and then beat you with that." I said to Twist, meaning every word that I said. I could hear Za chuckling. I turned around and pointed at him. "Keep laughing and I'll do the same fucking thing to you." I said. "Oh, you're a feisty little girl, I like that." Za said, as a smirk began to creep up on his lips. I rolled my eyes and said to Twist, "This is the last time I'm asking you, please move away from the door." Twist started at me again and slowly moved away from the door. I sighed loudly. "Thank you." I mumbled. I opened the door and made my way over to the steps. I wasn't even in the livingroom, but I could hear them arguing. "Justin, I don't want my daughter going on tour. She's been through enough bullshit in the past four months because of you." My dad said to Justin. "Oh, I see, it's my fault that my fans don't like Marie. If it was up to me, my fans would love her as much as I do, but I can't control them.. just like you can't control me. If Marie can't go on tour with me, then there will be no tour." I bit my lip as Justin said that. I decided it was time to go downstairs. I slowly walked down the stairs, with my head down. As I made it to the last step my dad said, "Marie, go back up stairs." I finally looked up. There was broken glass all over the floor. Justin's eyes and face were all red. My dad looked pissed off. This whole view was just... crazy. Yeah, my dad and Justin argue sometimes, but never has it gone too far where there was glass objects thrown.. or anything thrown. "But, da-" , "Go upstairs, now."  He said sounding very angry. I shook my head left to right. "Marie, go upstairs right now or you're fucking grounded." My dad said. I bit my lip trying to hold back my tears.. my dad never cursed at me. He actually never even raised his voice at me. "Scooter, stop. You're gonna make her cry." Justin said. "Listen here, I don't need you telling me what to do with or how I should treat my daughter." My dad said to Justin. "Well, when you're in my house, you will not be yelling or cursing at my babygirl. I don't care if you are her dad or not. She has not done anything wrong." Justin said as he looked at me. "Dad.. I think it would be best if you would go." I said, slowly looking at my dad. He furrowed his eyebrows. He opened his mouth, but he quickly shut it. He sighed and nodded his head. "I'm sorry." He said quietly. "Dad, please, just get out. I-I'll call you later." I said. He didn't say anything else. He turned and walked over to the door. He slowly opened it, and walked out. He didn't shut it or anything, he just walked out. 

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