Nothing Like Us.

read to find out.


1. 01.



"Justin, do you not understand that we can't be together? First of all, your fans won't approve of this. My dad sure in the hell won't approve of this, and you know damn well your mom will never let us be together." I said, tears flowing out of my eyes. I looked at Justin, who was sitting on his bed, looking down. "I understand that they won't approve of us, but, who cares? I love you so much, Marie. You're perfect. Excuse my language, but, you make me so fucking happy.. Just, please, babygirl. I want you to be mine.. mine, mine, mine, mine. Nobody else's." Justin finally looked up, he looked hurt. I sighed as I soon started to speak, "Listen. I'm only fourteen. You're eighteen. Do you not see the difference? I honestly don't know what else to say. I'm too young for you, you're too old for me. It will never work out Justin.. I'm sorry." I sighed as I gently whipped my tears. Justin didn't say anything. He kept quite. I felt like I said the wrong thing. I did say the wrong thing. Damn. 
        I finally broke the silence, "Justin, I'm sorry.." My voice cracked as I spoke. "I-It's fine. Just, come here.. please." He said, gently patting his lap. I looked at Justin, he looked at me. "Come here." He said, smiling slightly, "I don't bite." He quietly chuckled as he looked down. I bit my lip as I slowly got up from the computer chair. I walked over to Justin's bed, and sat next to him. He sucked his teeth. "I wanted you to sit on my lap, but that's okay too." He looked at me, licking his lips. I quietly giggled as I laid down on his bed. Justin laid down also, and gently rolled on top of me. I groaned loudly, "You're a heavy little fucker." I said, laughing. "Oh, really?" Justin said, adjusting himself, so he's now sitting on my lap. Justin started bouncing up and down on my lap, moaning loudly. I hit his chest and giggled. "You're so nasty." I said looking up at him. "I know, I know. I can't help it." He said, smirking, "Marie, see look. This is what I love about us.. we argue, and then not even a couple seconds later, we're joking around. Ugh, you're so perfect, babe." He said. 
        I looked at him.. more like gazed at him. What he said was true. We have little arguments, and then after wards, we act like nothing ever happened. I will admit.. I do like Justin. I like him a lot, a lot.. like, a lot, a lot, a lot. It's just, our age difference. I don't want to see Justin lose his fans because of me or get in trouble because of me. I was snapped out of my thoughts when a pair of warm, soft lips crashed onto mine. I was caught off guard. At first, I didn't know what was going on, but after a few seconds, I realized Justin was kissing me. I soon began to kiss back. I could feel Justin gently smirking against my lips. He slowly pulled back, looking down at me, smiling. "Marie.. I have to ask you something." Justin said, finally getting off of me. He sat back where he was before. I got up, now sitting next to him. I looked at him, waiting for him to ask me, whatever it is he wanted to ask me. "Okay, so, I know we basically just had an argument about this, but uh, will you be my girlfriend?" 

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