Being friends with One Direction and Justin Bieber.

hi im Paige and me and my friend Beth are going to be telling you what's happened I have just got in a fight and im in BIG trouble I've just run out of school im being chased again what happens when I run down an alleyway and bump in to one direct ion reed to find out will I be saved from the boys bulling me or will it all end badly?...


2. meeting the boys


as he took me in side as we entered the front room all of boys were in the front room except for Niall, who I guess was in the kitchen 'no shock there' he introduced me to the boys all three turned and looked at me, as they did there faces turned from happy to worried faces when they saw the blood on my side face and hand, "Zayn who's this what happened to her?" Liam said to Zayn "guys this is Paige I ran into her out side well actually she ran in to me latterly she got in to a fight in school and was being chased" he said. I just nodded in agreement "come with me ill get you cleaned up" Liam said to me I said thank you to him so he led me to the kitchen were Niall happened to just be coming out of. Liam explained what happened to Niall from what Zayn had said to him.

* * * * *


after he had helped me clean up my cuts we went back into the front room where all of the boys were sitting I sat next to Niall and Zayn he asked me if I was ok I nodded and said yes thanks I am now whilst smiling "so I guess you're a fan then" Harry said referring to my school bag which was one of there bags before I could say any thing he asked me who was my favorite I sad Nialler  and they all went aw niallers got a girl and he started to blush after I had told them what happened at school and the fight we watched 'sigh' Toy story, and talked a bit it was 7pm I had phoned mum and told her what had happened all that an she had brought some stuff for me over to were they were staying they had a free day to morrow, so it was ok for me to stay so I got told I will sleep with Niall I said ok and that was that. 



sorry for the shitty chapter haven't had much time lately ill up date this chapter as soon as possible ok and I just want to say thank you for reading this is my first one and defnetly not mu last ok so bye xx

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