Being friends with One Direction and Justin Bieber.

hi im Paige and me and my friend Beth are going to be telling you what's happened I have just got in a fight and im in BIG trouble I've just run out of school im being chased again what happens when I run down an alleyway and bump in to one direct ion reed to find out will I be saved from the boys bulling me or will it all end badly?...


1. In Troble

Hi im Paige I've just got in to a fight the boys are bulling me again I've just punched one and now there after me  I've just run out of school there still after me im running down an alleyway I know these streets like the back of my hand I've lived here all my life and I know every good hiding place there still be hind me "there she is" ow shit rong way down a another road and another alleyway when suddenly BANG I ran in to some one " oh are you ok" a familiar voice said I look up and see non other than Zayn Malik OMG I've just bumped into Zayn Malik from One Direction I wonder where the others are Zayn looks at me and sais "are you ok love you look like you've been in a fight" I look at him still panting and he can see I've been crying my hands on my hip and I take it away and im bleeding "omg you're bleeding and so is you're hand to come with me and ill get you cleaned up" Me:ok thank you Zayn (breathing heavily) so he takes me inside to clean it up.

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