1D images

this is my new movella 1D images you comment what you would like your image to be and I will write it!!! so here is 1D images! You can also kik me at trin1011 if you'd like to have an image . Ps I do dirty, or clean images so remember to say what one you want!


6. Mckenzie & Louis <3


             Mckenzie's POV

     "Louis I was just kidding" I smirked at my jealous  boyfriend. "your mine" he said smashing his lips onto mine. any other girl would most likely be like "to rough stop it" but I'm not any other girl I'm me. I kissed him back instantly an with the same amount of need he had. he started to unzip my dress, and I wasn't stopping him. "jump" he commanded and I did just that, he carried me to our bed not leaving his lips from mine, he trailed his lips down my neck leaving sloppy wet trails of kisses, I arched my back in pleasure, and made a soft moan. soon we were both naked and he didn't even ask for entrance he just started to thrush in and out, but he soon became sloppy and I let out one llast loud moan when he collapsed beside me. "Lou I love you and only you" I mumbled "I no love, I love you too" and with that we fell asleep in each others arms.

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