1D images

this is my new movella 1D images you comment what you would like your image to be and I will write it!!! so here is 1D images! You can also kik me at trin1011 if you'd like to have an image . Ps I do dirty, or clean images so remember to say what one you want!


3. Keira & Niall<3

     Keira's POV


     "To the club!" Harry screamed running to our car I chuckled as Niall swooped me off of my feet and rand to the car. He slid in with me still in his arms. It seemed like the whole ride to the club Niall and I were blocking everyone out talking (well Niall was doing most of the talking) he kept going on about how sexy I was and how he wish we were alone every time anything would leave his mouth I'd blush. "Come on" Harry groaned to me and Niall as I could now see we were at the club I rolled my eyes before sliding out of the car with Niall following close behind. It only took about five seconds in the club that Niall and I were already grinding and making out. I felt his manhood get hard against my thigh. I smirked spinning around and leaning in close so I was by his ear "wanna get out of here I mumbled suducivly he nodded his head fastly as he dragged me out of the club doors and to our apartment.


               TIME SKIP BACK HOME


      Niall gently laid me on our bed as he slowly unzipped my dress. I unbuckled his jeans and took off his shirt now happy with his appearance. He trailed soft kisses down my whole body until he reached my panties he looked up asking for continuation and I granted it in one swift move he pulled nown my underwear and slipped in a finger I gasped but moaned I had never done this before, and it felt amazing he slipped two more fingers in and I snapped as I moaned loudly. He pulled out and he looked at me asking for permission for him to ener me fully I nodded my head and he slid in slowly he thrusted in and out "faster" I moaned he did as I commanded and went faster he hit my g-spot again and again as I moaned his name and he moaned mine we both cummedvand moaned maybe the loudest anyone has ever heard he collapsed beside me "I love you" was the last thing I heard before I drifted into a deep sleep

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