1D images

this is my new movella 1D images you comment what you would like your image to be and I will write it!!! so here is 1D images! You can also kik me at trin1011 if you'd like to have an image . Ps I do dirty, or clean images so remember to say what one you want!


2. Jasmin & Zayn<3

 Jasmin's POV


 he pushed me roughly against the wall he pink lips lingering down my neck. Zayn had gotten a tiny bit jealous when a waiter started to flirt with me so he dragged me home and was now roughly kissing me. I know that most girls would be afraid but the way he was acting kind of turned me on. "Mine" he growled as he trailed his lips down my neck. I moaned loudly at the sensation he was putting me through. He undid my shirt faster than I could count to 3 I gasped at his eagerness and agressivness he picked me up as I slung my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he trailed wet kisses further and further he put me on the bed gently but somehow roughly if that makes scents "Zayn" I moaned loudly  he smirked against my skin as he undid my jeans and pulled down my panties. I should really make him jealous more often. We were both soon naked and without permission he thrusted into me. At first it heart like hell but in a matter of seconds that pain turned into pleasure. We were both moaning and growning screaming each others names accationaly. His thrust soon became sloppy and I had reached my breaking point "go ahead" he groaned I let go and a warm sensation ran through me he collapsed by me and kissed my forehead "don't leave me... Ever" he mumbled "never I smiled before drifting off in Zayns arms. 

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