1D images

this is my new movella 1D images you comment what you would like your image to be and I will write it!!! so here is 1D images! You can also kik me at trin1011 if you'd like to have an image . Ps I do dirty, or clean images so remember to say what one you want!


4. Jacklynn & Niall <3

  Jacklynn's POV


i was walking fastly down the streets of London with my smoothy in my hand I when boom I crashed into someone "I'm so so- Niall?" "I looked up to the Niall horan was the one I bumped into "I'm so sorry!" I finished my first sentence he chuckled "I should be apologizing let me buy you another smoothy" he smiled I looked down to see that yes my smoothy was indeed ruined how did I miss that? "It's fine really I can buy another one" I reasoned "no I will buy you another one" he argued







"fine" I mumbled giving up he gave me a cheeky grin as we walked to the smoothy shop I ordered another one thanking him but still arguing he didn't have to. "Um you seem nice I'd like if we could hang out again" he mumbled softly I smiled widly "what's your number" he took my arm and wrote his number on it "you could've just put it in my phone" I laughed he gave me a cheeky grin before smiling "what's the fun in that?"

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