1D images

this is my new movella 1D images you comment what you would like your image to be and I will write it!!! so here is 1D images! You can also kik me at trin1011 if you'd like to have an image . Ps I do dirty, or clean images so remember to say what one you want!


5. Freya & Harry <3

        Freya's POV

   "Harry put me down!" I demanded "say Harry styles is the most sexiest person you have ever seen" he laughed "NEVER!!!" I yelled I looked up to see we were coming to the pool "ok, ok harry styles is the most sexiest person I've ever seen!" I yelled he put me down and I pecked him on the lips "jerk' I mumbled "but I'm a sexy jerk" he mused I rolled my eyes and walked into our home. harry snuck up from behind me and started kissing my neck. I screamed and he chuckled.







but somehow I still love you" I sais kissing him "I love you too Freya more than you can imagine" he mumbled


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