No Sound

Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet boy, but was also deaf. The two fall in love like any other story, but there's just something holding them back.. And that something, or should I say someone, is Zayn Malik.



30. Who said we wasn't?

School's going alright so far, but it still sucks ass guys. tHERE'S SO MANY ANNOYING CUNTS



"Are you okay, Louis?" Harry said as he grabbed my hand to make sure I wouldn't fall or anything as we walked out of the hospital's front doors.

"Yes, Harry! I'm fine." I said, laughing, and giving him a reassuring smile. "Stop worrying about me, okay, babe?"

"I'm sorry! It's just -- you could have got yourself killed! And that damn black eye -- Jesus Christ!" He said as he touched my black eye, and I winced in pain in return.

"It's fine.. I'm fine!" I said, grabbing his hand and pulling it away from my eye.

"Are you sure?" He said, biting his lip as he stared into my eyes.

"Yes, I'm sure. Why are you worrying so much?" 

"Because I am the cause of, urg, that!" Harry said, throwing his hands up.

"But that could have been you instead of me."

"But I deserved the hits, you didn't do anything to get them! It should have been me!" Harry said, flipping his curls out of his eyes.

"I'm sure you did nothing wrong, babe. Well, actually, I'm positive you did nothing wrong." I said as I pushed the rest of the curls out of his eyes.

Harry just sighed, "Okay, okay, whatever. Let's just go home, eh?" He said as he locked his fingers to my side to make sure I wouldn't fall or anything.


We arrived at my footsteps, I thought that I should drop him off at his house instead of him dropping me off at my house, but he suggested to take me home (though, it's not even a two minute walk to my house from his house.)

I walked up my footsteps and put my hand on the doorknob, but I froze when Harry spoke up.

"L-Louis?" He said - but it came out more as a question.

I turned around, keeping my hand on the doorknob, "Mm?"

"Did you mean what you said?" He asked as he bit his lip.

"What do you mean?" I asked, taking my hand away from the doorknob.

"What you said at the hospital," he continued, "you love me... too?"

I nodded as I began walking down the footsteps so him and I would be face to face. "Yes." I said, looking right up at him.

"Dating wise?" He said, looking down at me  since I was shorter than him.

I didn't say anything, I had to think. Do I like him dating wise?

"Yes." I finally said, biting my lip as I looked up at him, since he was taller than me.

His facial expression made me worry, though. As if he was afraid of me liking him.

"Shew." He said as his face broke down in a grin. "That's good, because I sorta... Love you?"

I laughed, "I already know this. I do recall, you were the first one to say 'I love you' at the hospital." I said, winking.

Harry looked down at the ground and smiled, which was the most adorable thing I have ever wittness.

He lifted his gaze up from the ground to look at me, "What are we doing?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean, come on. We like each other, and we both admited we liked each other dating wise! Why aren't we together?"

I stood up on my tippy toes, "Who said we wasn't?" I said as I crashed my lips onto his.


Hell yeah, Louis and Harry's finally together after 30 chapters. :D

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