No Sound

Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet boy, but was also deaf. The two fall in love like any other story, but there's just something holding them back.. And that something, or should I say someone, is Zayn Malik.



4. Well.



When I arrived to the water machine, I started humming, and stuck a dolor in the machine money taking thing. "Stupid dolor." I whispered to myself as my dolor came back out of the machine. As I reached for my dolor, I felt two strong hands go around my shoulders, and I was yanked back and threw against the wall. I felt pain in my back, I was slammed pretty hard that my vision became blurry.

When my vision came back, I saw who had slammed me against the wall.

It was my neighbors son, the one I had saw this morning.


So many thoughts were going through my head, what the fuck is going on?

I was afraid for myself. Yeah, I've had worse things happen to me than getting pushed, hardly, against a wall.. But, that's not what I was afraid of. He just had a hatred look in his eyes; as if he was Satan. He had hell in his eyes.

I yelped in pain, unsure of what was going to end up coming my way.

He didn't hit me, but he did start talking. Luckily, he talks slow... Slow enough for me to read his lips.


This morning when I saw my mum at my school, I was wondering what the fuck was going on. But, when I got to her car and saw the curly headed boy, I was suspicious. What the fuck is he doing with my mum?

But, then I remembered. His mum doesn't have a car.

So, I brushed that thought off my shoulder, until I saw them hugging in the school building.

Anger shot my body, no one touches my mum. I don't even let Niall, Liam, or Zayn touch my mum - even if it's to help her from falling.

Yes, I know, I may act as if I don't love my mum, but I will always protect her, especially from boys my age, because boys my age are horny little bastards. Yeah, I'm like that, too. But, I barely hook up with people because there's barely guys at my school who like guys, which actually sucks for me.

Yes, I'm gay. But that's besides the point.


As I was walking to my second class, Math, I saw the curly head boy, my new neighbor. Somehow I seemed to find him through the massive heard of people. A smirk came upon my face, and I hid near the water machine, watching the boy to where he can't see me.

When the halls were clear, he came walking in my direction.

When he came to the water machine, trying to buy a water, but failing, I thought it was my time to 'shine.'

I looked both ways to make sure there was no teachers, and then I made my move. I rushed behind the curly head boy and put my hands on his shoulders, lifting him off the ground and slamming him against the hard brick wall. "What the fuck do you want with my mother?" I asked, no answer; I groaned, slamming his body once again against the hard wall. I heard him yelp, "Answer me dammit!" I noticed tears filling inside of his eyes,

"I-I don't want anything with her! I promise!"

I gave him a glare, "You better not." I said, and dropped him and gave him a kick in the stomach before I walked away to Math, leaving the boy on the floor.


When he gave me a kick in the stomach, I curled in a ball. Why the fuck would he think I wanted anything with his mother?! She's older than me for Gods sakes, and I'm not interested in woman!

About 5 minutes later, my stomach started feeling better. I stood up, and walked towards the bathroom, lifting my shirt up and revealing a bruise. I sighed, and turned around, looking at the time.

Shit! I'm late for second period!

I sighed again, and started making my way to History.

I looked up at every door, "Room 36... Room 37.... Room 38! Ah, finally." I said to myself, I gulped, and opened the door.

When I opened the door, all eyes were on me. Which, wasn't really shocking.

"You must be Harry." The History teacher signed to me, I'm guessing he knows about me, ey? I nodded, "Sit back there with Liam. He saved a seat for you." I smiled, and turned to face the class, looking for Liam until my eyes spotted him. He was looking at me, waving his hands in the air, along with Niall. I smiled, and started walking towards them.

When I set down, Niall slid a piece of paper towards me. "Hey, why are you late for class?"

I sighed, I wasn't sure if I should tell them what happened or what. "Just couldn't find the classroom." I wrote back, Niall nodded, but Liam gave me a look, as if he knew I was lying, but he just turned back to Niall.

Throughout the class, I just sat there. Watching the teacher with a blank expression, until, finally, I saw the other students rising up and leaving the classroom. Urg, I have Science now. A class that I do not have with Liam nor Niall; this fucking sucks. But, ooh. I do have it with that Louis guy Niall told me about.

I can't wait to meet him.


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