No Sound

Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet boy, but was also deaf. The two fall in love like any other story, but there's just something holding them back.. And that something, or should I say someone, is Zayn Malik.



6. Louis new "mate"



Throughout the whole Science class I kept my head down, afraid something would happen if I dared to look up.

Louis did kick my leg a couple times under the table, I would let out a couple of groans due to how hard he kicked me. But I held a couple in, because every time a let a noise out in pain, he kicked me 10x harder.

When Louis stopped kicking me, I assumed class was over. Which I was correct. I lifted my head up to see no one, except the teacher standing behind her desk and a couple of students getting their stuff together. I stood up, and got all my books together. I looked at my schedule.... Lunch time.

I was confused, unsure where the lunch room was located. I bit my lip, seeing if I could find it some wheres. Until, I was jerked back by a pair of four hands.

I was freaking out, I couldn't see who was holding me back. I was wondering who the fuck it was.

Until it popped into my mind... It must be Louis!

But this grip wasn't too strong like Louis was - it was less stronger. Even though there was 2 people holding me back. They just weren't as strong as Louis.

I fought back, trying to jerk away from their grip, until finally I defeated them. I turned around and to my surprise, it wasn't Louis.

It was Liam and Niall.

I sighed in relief, and looked at Liam who had a grin on his face. "What the hell was that?!" I said, I probably said it to loud but I wasn't sure, after all I can't hear myself.

Liam signed to me, "Dude, you looked lost and we was holding you back from the crowd so we can lead you to the lunch room!"

I felt like an idiot, I think they could tell how I felt because Niall put a hand on my back. "Do I have lunch with you guys?" I signed to Liam, he nodded a yes.

They started walking, and I followed behind them, keeping close in case Louis came out in surprise.

When we got to the lunch room, there was quite a lot of people there.

I walked behind Liam and Niall and we got our lunch, and they went to a table that was empty. I wasn't sure if they wanted me to set with them, so I awkwardly stood there, holding my tray.

Niall gave me a confused face, and then motioned me to set in front of them. I nodded, and set down.

I ate my lunch quietly while Liam and Niall had their own conversation. I didn't look up except, about, 3 times.

When I looked up the fourth time, I saw them motioning someone to come sit down. I turned around to see who they were talking to.  


"Shit." I said to myself when I saw who they were talking to. I think I may have said it to loud because Liam and Niall was looking at me when I turned around.

Louis was walking behind a guy taller than him, he had black hair in a quiff. They walked over to the table and set down, Louis set next to me. My eyes grew huge and I looked at Niall. Niall smiled and started talking and in my surprise, he talked slow enough for me to read his lips, "Harry, this is Louis and Zayn!"

I gulped, and Louis put his hand around my shoulder and said something. I was unsure of what he said, because I didn't read his lips - I was freaking out inside my head. 

What was Louis saying? 

And why did he put his hand over my shoulder?!



Me and Zayn were walking in the lunch room with our trays, about to sit in our regular spots in the back until I noticed Liam and Niall yelling at us to sit with them, I was about to deny their request, until I noticed the curly head boy named Harry, or shall I say my neighbor, sitting with them. A smirk went across my lips as I walked towards their table.

I set down in the seat next to Harry, when I set down Niall began to speak. "Harry, this is Louis and Zayn!"

I laughed, "Actually me and Harry already met," I said, putting my hand around his shoulder, "And I think we're going to be the best of mates." I said, tightening my grip around his shoulder to squish him hard enough to hurt him.

I took my hand off of his shoulder and began eating. Oh, this is going to be fun. 


omg guys sorry I didn't upload this yesterday but idk I had to go to this party ahajakdlakeuwox;' 

anyways thanks for reading and ily guys

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