No Sound

Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet boy, but was also deaf. The two fall in love like any other story, but there's just something holding them back.. And that something, or should I say someone, is Zayn Malik.



19. I'll be your waiter for this evening.

Lately, I've seen people stealing my story without giving me no credit at all and acting as if it's their story and their ideas. I've seen 4 people so far stealing it. (on here,, and,) and I'd really appreciate it if you stopped or at least gave me credit because it takes me quite a long time to write this, and with you guys stealing it ticks me off because all you guys are doing is copying it and publishing it and calling it yours. If I see anymore people publishing my story without giving credits, I'll report you all and I'll even stop writing "No Sound" for good.


Sorry if this chapter isn't really good, I'm about to leave my cousins house to head home from the family vacation and they are just now letting me use the laptop.

Also, I made a KIK, if you have any questions whatsoever about this story or anything, KIK me: xmacybrooks!



REMINDER: Louis talks slow enough for Harry to read his lips and The Mayowell is just a thing I made up haha.

Chapter 19



Once Anne started walking away to get Harry, I pulled my iPhone out and checked my self out through the Camera thing. I started messing with my hair, that was in a little quiff, but stopped when I heard Harry's footsteps coming down the stairs - which was pretty loudly.

I quickly put my phone back into pocket, and looked up to see Harry wearing... A fedora?

I bit my lip and rubbed my hand over my face and turned around, holding back the laughs from coming out. I heard a sigh come from Harry's lip, "You don't like the fedora, do you?" He asked as he brought his hand up to his hair to take off the fedora.

Though, I'm not a big fan of fedoras, he made them look really good - I was just quite surprised at him wearing it. "No, no." I said as I put the fedora back on his head. "Just didn't expect you to wear one, but you make them look.. Hot." I said giving him a wink.

I saw a blush form upon his cheeks, which usually he hides his face when he blushes, but this time he didn't. "Come on, we're going to be going out to that new restaurant, uh, what's it called, The Mayowell? Yeah, that's it." I said as I took his hand and went to the car.

The car drive was silenced, I didn't speak, nor did Harry. I know Harry may have not been comfortable through the drive, but I had to make sure everything went perfect, so I had to go through everything in my mind over and over again as we drove.

"Finally." I said as I turned into the parking lot of the restaurant. I parked close to the restaurant and rushed over to Harry's door when I parked. I bowed as I opened the door and in return Harry harry did a little tilt, like they do in those movies.

We walked in and it was the nicest restaurant I have ever seen. When Harry and I got our seats and sat down and waited for our waiter, Harry excused himself. "I'm going to the bathroom." He said as he rushed over to the bathroom. I bit my lip as I fixed my hair through the reflection of the window that was beside of us, but stopped when I heard the sound of a familiar voice.

"Hello, I'm Zayn, and I will be your waiter for this evening."

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