No Sound

Louis Tomlinson was, as you can say, a "bad boy." Harry Styles though was completely opposite. He was a sweet boy, but was also deaf. The two fall in love like any other story, but there's just something holding them back.. And that something, or should I say someone, is Zayn Malik.



3. First day at school, first beating here also.


When I arrived in the classroom, I saw plenty of students. None paid attention to me, they all just continued the conversation and didn't lift their heads up to turn to me, luckily for me.

Niall took my hand, and leaded me to, who I am guessing, his boyfriend, Liam, who was sitting in the back of the classroom.

Liam had a bit of a quiff, just a little one; when we arrived to his seat, Liam looked up quickly and smiled at Niall. He talked a normal speed, a speed I could understand. "Hi Niall. Who's your friend?" Liam asked. I turned over to Niall to see him moving his hands in the air whenever he talked, it made me laugh a bit. Niall talks too fast, so I can't even read his lips, and I don't even bother trying too.

Liam smiled whenever Niall finished whatever he was saying, he turned over to me and started signing, "Hello, Harry. I'm Liam. I see you've already met my boyfriend. Anyways, welcome!" Wow. Niall has a keeper. He seems nice and he knows sign language. I smiled, and looked up at Niall who had a confused look on his face and started talking.

I turned to Liam and I signed to him, "What's he talking about?"

"He didn't know I knew sign language, and he's feeling left out of the conversation."

I laughed, "Well, he kind of is left out of the conversation." I signed to Liam, then looking up at Niall who had a frown on his face. I laughed, and gave Niall a playful slap on the back.


I really like this Harry kid, not more than a friend though. He's cool. Niall told me he was deaf, and I felt completely sorry for the kid. He will never be able to hear his own voice, my voice, or Niall's, or even his own mother.

Lucky for me, I know sign language. Niall seemed a bit shock, because I've never told him I knew how to do sign language.

"You need to teach me how to do sign language, I would like to have a conversation with Harry, too, y'know?!" Niall whispered to me, I laughed and nodded.

Harry, Niall, and I was having quite a good time, until the math teacher came in. "Settle down, class!" Mr. Johnson yelled as he lazily walked into the class room, tossing his suitcase onto the floor. "Sorry I'm late." Niall, Harry, and I both turned out heads to face the teacher. Mr. Johnson walked over to his desk, reading a paper that was laying on his desk. "Ah, I see we have a new student. Harry Styles!" He said, looking up to the class room, scanning his eyes over the students sitting in their seat, until his eyes laid on the curly head boy he's never seen. He pointed at Harry, "You must be the new kid. Welcome." He said, smiling. I'm guessing Harry knew the teacher was talking to him because his face was red, it turned more red whenever the students turned around to see who the new kid was.

Mr. Johnson stood there, staring at Harry, waiting for a reply.

Mr. Johnson sighed, figuring out that Harry was probably too shy to reply. So, I don't think he knows Harry's deaf.

The rest of class was pretty much boring, I zoned out, and talked to Niall, I didn't pay much attention to Harry through the class.


When the teacher looked at me, I knew he was probably talking to me. I wasn't sure what to say, because I don't even know what he fucking said! Urg. I'm already fucking embarrassing myself on my first day, nice.

Throughout the rest of class, I sat there fiddling with my fingers, not lifting my head up, because if I did, I would probably end up embarrassing myself someway.

But, I was interrupted by Liam, he tapped on my shoulder and signed, "Time for History."

I smiled, and stood up. When we got to the hallway, I turned to Liam, "What room is History?" I signed,

"Room 38." He signed back, I nodded,

"I'll see you there. I'm going to get me a drink of water." I signed back, he was about to sign back to me but we was separated by the crowd of students coming from their class. I sighed, and turned around. I couldn't seem to find the water machine. Maybe it was because of the other students blocking the way.

I sighed, leaning against the wall, waiting for the halls to clear out.

About 5 minutes later, there was not a single soul in the hallway, at least that's what I thought.

To my surprise, I saw the water machine. It was just on the other side of the hallway.

I smiled, and walked towards it.

When I arrived to the water machine, I started humming, and stuck a dolor in the machine money taking thing. "Stupid dolor." I whispered to myself as my dolor came back out of the machine. As I reached for my dolor, I felt two strong hands go around my shoulders, and I was yanked back and threw against the wall. I felt pain in my back, I was slammed pretty hard that my vision became blurry.

When my vision came back, I saw who had slammed me against the wall.

It was my neighbors son, the one I had saw this morning.


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