Too young.

Courtany Rae lecture is 14 years old. She is a big fan of one direction when her mom gets her tickets to a one direction concert one of the boys like her like really like her. When he asked for her number she said yes. But he doesn't know her age how is she going to tell him she's too young, or will she keep a seacret and wait until this young love ends.


1. Birthday Princess

Courtney's pov

I woke up to my phone beeping saying that I had a text. Stupid iPhone. I rolled over and pulled it off the charger, I looked at the screen to see that Sam my best friend texted me. I opened it, and it read:

"Happy birthday, beautiful! Can't wait to see you!:) xx-Sam 

He is so sweet. I giggled and locked my phone. I didn't feel like replying. 

I walked downstairs to see my
Mom cooking breakfast. 

"Morning mom." I said. She turned around. "Morning my little birthday princess." Why does everyone call me princess. To me I am not a princess, I'm actually a bad princess. 

"Tonight I will give you your present at dinner. So eat your breakfast, go to school and have a great day." She gave me my plate and kissed me on the cheek. 

"Good bye my little princess." She said. "Mom, I'm not a little girl anymore I'm 14! I kinda yelled.

She threw her hands in the air using sarcasm to act like she was surrendering. 

I laughed and finished my breakfast. I grabbed my book bag and phone and walked out. 

Sam pulled up in a matter of seconds. He could drive, he was 2 years older than me but a pain in the bum. 

I got in and he gave me a little box wrapped in one direction wrapping paper with a bow. I giggled and opened it.

Inside was a necklace that was shaped like a heart with the words:
"You are my princess, one and only." And on the back said "love, Sam" 

"I love it! Thank you!" I said giggling. He clipped it around my neck and I gave him a hug. 

He has been crushing on me for a very long time but I always said I rather keep close friends. Even know he still treats me like I'm his girlfriend he knows that we are going to just be friends. 


After all my classes I met Sam in my school parking lot with is old mustang crank. We drove to the restaurant and walked in.

I smiled as I saw everyone smile in excitement as I came to the table. "Hey birthday princess" my dad said. I smiled and hugged him.

I greeted everyone. "I sure do hope I get what I've been wanting for my birthday for quite a while now." I thought

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