You finally found me

Her name is Alex. What happens when she runs away from her abusive father and runs into one direction? Find out!


2. Running

When I realized Dave wasn't chasing me I started to go a slow jog thinking of where I could go. "The pool." Not realizing I said it out loud. And start running there. 

When I get to the pool in our public park I see a sign on the door saying that the pool and park are rented out and if your found there they will call the police. Trying to ignore the sign and hide in the girls changing room I get grabbed by a man in a black security tee-shirt with the name tag Paul. As soon as he sees me he comes running and grabs the arm that James pulled out of socket.


"ow!" I scream and he starts glaring at me until I finally break down and start bawling because of all the times I was beaten. At first Paul looks annoyed but soon figures out I'm not crying because I can't go inside but for something else.


"Hey what's wrong...... I'm sorry I don't know your name."he says while at the same time releasing my arm and getting a travel pack of tissues out of his pocket.


Answering the question I say " I-I'm A-Alex. And I-I don't have anywhere to go and to top it all off I think I dislocated my arm." 


Looking at me quizzically he ushers me inside and closes the door behind us leading me to the pool. 


When we enter the pool area I get some questioning looks from some more men in black security tee-shirts. When I look near the pool I see a black haired boy with a quiff tanning and 4 more boys in the pool. One has a brown hair buzz cut one looks to have bleached blonde hair another has a brown quiff and the last one has gorgeous curly brown locks. All of them are really muscular and all stop what their doing to stare at me and Paul.


After what feels like an eternity of them staring and me blushing 'curly' hops out and starts walking towards us followed by the other  4 boys all 4 wearing swimmers. When 'curly' gets right in front of Paul I notice he has sparkling blue-green eyes. Then he starts speaking in a husky British accent. 


"Sooooo. What do we have here? Another fan?" He says


"Wait. What? A fan of what?"I ask.


All of a sudden I feel like everybody is staring at me. "Why are you starring at? I just want to know what I'm a fan of I say placing my uninsured right hand on my hip. 

"we're  One Direction." They say at the same time.

me: "who?"

'curly': A famous boy band called One Direction. I'm Harry 

blonde haired guy: I'm Niall 

brown buzz cut guy: I'm Liam 

brown quiff guy: I'm Louis 

black quiff guy: I'm Zayn

Harry: and you are?

"I'm Alex and I need a hospital." I said with them all staring at me. "What? I need a hospital I think I broke my arm!" I state and Paul jumps up "Crap I completely forgot! Sam your in charge!" He yells to a buff looking man.


"I'm coming too." Harry says and with Paul rushing me away no one stops him from getting in the car with us.

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