You finally found me

Her name is Alex. What happens when she runs away from her abusive father and runs into one direction? Find out!


1. My life

Alex's pov

I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. 

I should never have run away from him.


*Earlier that morning*


"James !" I shout to my alcoholic father to get him up so he doesn't miss his job in our home town in the wonderful place of England. "James!" I used to call my father dad but I haven't ever since my mom was mysteriously murdered when I was 7 and he somehow became addicted to alcohol and left me to fend for myself. Now it's been 11 years since my mom was killed and I've turned out as a short haired blonde about 5 foot 6 and a little on the pudgy side. I haven't went to school since I was 14 because my dad beats me and he doesn't want anyone to see my bruises. 


Starting to get annoyed with my father I scream "James!" Just in time to have him come down the stairs and slap me which will probably turn into a black eye. Although I know better I start whimpering which just causes him to start pulling on my arms until one makes a popping sound. At first he just stares at me.


"You fell out of bed, right?" He says and I just start nodding.


As he walks out the door and starts the car I wait a minute and then dash to my room. I have been preparing for months to escape this house and I have a lot of what I need including £600 and some clothes. I walk out of the front door of the house just in time to see my "uncle" Dave drive up and get out of his car. As soon as I see him I start running to where I'm not sure only running because if Dave caught me he would beat me too.


As I continue running I hear Dave yell "we'll find you!" 

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