You finally found me

Her name is Alex. What happens when she runs away from her abusive father and runs into one direction? Find out!


5. Meeting

When we walked into the house a kind looking brown haired woman gives me a big bear hug. At first I stand there surprised but soon lean into the kind woman. When she finally releases me Harry is standing there grinning and starts to speak. "You already know Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis. This is my mom Anne and she" he said gesturing to a shy looking blonde "is Liam's girlfriend cheyanne." 

After everyone had been introduced Anne gave us a plate of brownies and sent us to a living room furnished with a comfortable tan couch, a 90" flat screen tv, a rustic fireplace and a shelf full of DVDs. When we sat down I sat in between cheyanne and Harry. 

Harry: What movie should we watch?

Louis: Bride Wars!

me: what's bride wars?

liam: only the funniest movie ever!

About halfway through the movie we all burst out laughing at a spray tan gone wrong. Suddenly I'm really tired from the day and lay my head on Harry's shoulder before I know what's happening he sweeps me up bridal style carries me to what looks like his room and lays me on his bed. The last thing I remember is feeling a soft warm touch on my forehead. 



Harrys pov


As we're watching the movie Alex starts leaning on my shoulder. Right now everything feels weird to me. The band is going on a summer break and I'm not sure what I'm feeling for Alex. Not wanting to wake her I carry Alex to my room and lay her on my bed. Before I leave the room a plant a soft kiss on the center of her forehead. Whatever I'm feeling for her I'll have to figure it out tommorow. 

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