Staryl Will: Wanted dead or alive
Reward: 300k
Description: 8 year old girl with green eyes and brown hair wielding multiple types of guns.
Wanted for mass murder of half of New York, attempted assassination of president Obama, robbing 67 banks across the nation, and breaking into 10 US post locations.

Star smiles at the tv infront of her before taking a hammer and smashing it to pieces. Around her was littered with broken glass, blood and shelves that were knocked down. She picks up her bag of goods and took out a mini bottle of hair spray. She sprays the floor leading to the middle of the store and put the bottle down then takes out a match and lights it. As she walks out of the store she sets the match down at the end of the hair spray trail and sets the store on fire.


13. Who is she?

Star woke up the next morning embraced in Ethan's strong arms. She felt her body, it was still in it's grown up versions; and they were covered with marks. She inhaled sharply letting Ethan's familiar scent drown her. She understood something wasn't right, she understood that she was different from the other kids. Parts of yesterday's events reminded her that there was obviously something going on. 

"I love you Vanessa..." Star stiffened. Ethan was calling out to some girl while gently holding her lovingly. She pushed him away and got dressed, a feeling in her gut made her nauseous. Vanessa? 


"Why good morning my dear," Dr. Frank took a sip out of his cup, "I heard you last night, oh my! How it's delightful to be young! Ahh... to be young again, that is my true wish." 

"Yeah..." Star gave him a confused look and took a seat across from him. She picked put some toast and began to nibble on the crust. "So, uhh..." Star hesitated. "Who's Vanessa?" Dr. Frank immediately stood up and dropped his cup.

"My god, Deary. Where on earth did you hear THAT name?" His eyes were wide open as if it was taboo to say that name. "Come here, quickly now. Quick!" He takes a hold of Star's hand as he lead her into the depths of his laboratory. 

When he opened the door, a putrid smell greeted their noses. Star quickly covered her face, but it was too late; the smell burned her eyes and they started to water. She was pulled and pushed down into a chair in front of a desk; Dr. Frank went over to the door and locked it shut using multiple security tools. He walked behind the desk and took a seat and swiveled around until Star could see his serious face. 

"C-can you open a window or something... this smell..." Star mumbles trying not to let her breath out.

"Don't mind it, you'll be used to it eventually. It's HIS scent," Dr. Frank motioned over to a table that was cover by a cloth. It had red stains on it and she could see and arm dangling from underneath. "Mason." He shrugs and throws his head back sighing. "Now here's the troubling part, where did you hear the name VANESSA from?" It seemed like his personality was back to normal. Star looked at him as he rested his head on his hands.

"Ethan..." Star forced out. Dr. Frank stared at her, his eyes were glossy and red and if he had stayed up all night. He sighed and swiveled around until his back was faced to her.

"Listen to this story ok? I will only tell you once and we can't mention this anymore until HE says it's ok." Star nodded her head as she made herself comfortable, she got used to the smell and relaxed her arms.


Ethan opened his eyes, expecting to be face to face with Star; but she was no where in sight. When he went to the restroom he realized that his back was covered in scratches. He rubbed his head and tried to remember what happened last night. Last night he kissed her, he kissed her so passionately it made his body hot. He felt like he could melt into her and she held onto him. Even while she was in her bigger form, she looked so small and frail; she held on to his so tightly it made his head spin. The smell of sweat and lust intoxicated his head and he couldn't help himself. Ethan rested his palms on the sink and remembered that it wasn't Vanessa. It was Star.

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