Staryl Will: Wanted dead or alive
Reward: 300k
Description: 8 year old girl with green eyes and brown hair wielding multiple types of guns.
Wanted for mass murder of half of New York, attempted assassination of president Obama, robbing 67 banks across the nation, and breaking into 10 US post locations.

Star smiles at the tv infront of her before taking a hammer and smashing it to pieces. Around her was littered with broken glass, blood and shelves that were knocked down. She picks up her bag of goods and took out a mini bottle of hair spray. She sprays the floor leading to the middle of the store and put the bottle down then takes out a match and lights it. As she walks out of the store she sets the match down at the end of the hair spray trail and sets the store on fire.


23. Pet

Star lunged at the stranger with her stun gun but he was quick. A swift movement and the weapon was smacked from her hands. He came closer, slowly raising his knife as he takes more steps. Star untied the robe and and backed up, the cold metal on her hands calmed her as she slowly backed away and waited for his move. The air was thick and Star was cautious, whoever this guy was... he was dangerous.

"Hey, thats a dangerous thing you got there, where did you get that?" Eventually, Star had been cornered into the bathroom. She let herself grow until they were almost at the same eye level. He jerked back in surprise, "My, what an unusual trick... Want to see mine?"

"Shut up, drop the fucking knife or I'll blow a hole in you." She spat as she quickly analyzed him, her eyes narrowed "What the fuck, who are you? Why don't you have an aura?" The stranger in front of her, a man probably around 5 foot 8, did not have a pure aura nor was he a monster. She shot his shoulder but it had no effect, it stuck in his flesh and was consumed seconds later. "Fuck! What the hell?" She shot a couple more rounds near his chest but they were all consumed into his body, "What are you?"

"The devil." Star swerved around, he had somehow managed to get behind her and grabbed her around the waist. Heat was radiating from his body; the place where his hands touched, burned. "I'm here to drag you to hell." Star kicked him, she was able to get a few feet of distance between them and ran towards the bed to grab her backpack underneath; but when she made it outside the room, he was waiting for her.

"Fucking bitch, man!" She jumped side to side looking for a way around, "Are you gonna do what you did with that other girl, you fucking pedophile. Go suck some dick." Star felt herself get excited, adrenaline coursed throughout her body. She took out her knives and held them between her fingers so that they looked like claws, "Come at me!" she taunts. But he only stood where he was causing Star to run at him. The knives clashed against each other, 6 against 1. It was a heated battle and neither of them had lost any energy yet. Star screamed in joy, someone was actually up to par with her. Someone was keeping up with her abilities and it delighted her; if he were to make one wrong move it would wound him, badly. This was what really made her ecstatic, they were gambling with their lives. One of the things that Star especially like to do in her free time was GAMBLE, and life was the ultimate possession.

As the fight when on, Star was finally able to land a hit but only a small scratch; it was one of the signs for fatigue so she took this time to pin him down. She was able to pull him to the ground by pulling on his hood and securing it into the ground with one of her knives. She flipped herself over and sat on his abdomen, she pinned his arms to the ground with 2 more knives and pointed her gun to his face.

To her amazement, the stranger was only a boy. Maybe the same age as her teenage form, maybe older but he was definitely younger than 25. He had bright red eyes and shaggy black hair. Star widen her eyes and leaned forward to open his mouth, he had a set of tiny sharp teeth. She ran her fingers through his hair and sure enough, she felt 2 small horns. A small chuckle escaped her mouth, he clicked his tongue.

"So if you're the devil, does that make me the devil tamer? Pet?" Star grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head towards her face. "You wanted to bring me to hell? Hah! I'll show you the real hell, Earth..." She tilted his head over so he could see the fire that was set to the city. "Welcome to Earth, Pet, a place of 80% evil. The world down there would probably be compared to a daycare or something cuz this place is pure torture, experience it first hand." Star pushed his hair aside and fired her gun on the ground, carefully picking up the shell. She hovered it over the the nape of his neck and pressed the metal down using her thumb. When the heat went away she moved her finger revealing a burnt mark on his skin and her finger. Star bent down and kissed his forehead, "Pet~"

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