Staryl Will: Wanted dead or alive
Reward: 300k
Description: 8 year old girl with green eyes and brown hair wielding multiple types of guns.
Wanted for mass murder of half of New York, attempted assassination of president Obama, robbing 67 banks across the nation, and breaking into 10 US post locations.

Star smiles at the tv infront of her before taking a hammer and smashing it to pieces. Around her was littered with broken glass, blood and shelves that were knocked down. She picks up her bag of goods and took out a mini bottle of hair spray. She sprays the floor leading to the middle of the store and put the bottle down then takes out a match and lights it. As she walks out of the store she sets the match down at the end of the hair spray trail and sets the store on fire.


22. Not Over

That night, Star wondered around aimlessly listening to the cries of tortured souls. She ended up entering a vacant motel room and decided to settle down. She jumped onto the bed and took out her cell phone to call Ethan, his happy voice rang in her ears.

"Star! Good job! You technically reenacted 9/11, how does that make you feel? Let me just say, you killed a lot of people..." The other side went silent.

"Well, you told me-" Star was suddenly cut off by Ethan's calm voice.

"I know... keep doing so. You know the war going on right now right? If you keep doing what you're doing, we can stop this war. If you haven't noticed, I... I'm gonna send a helicopter over. We need to speak about this directly. Just make sure you use the lazy eye to find the sinners, we probably killed a handful of them today but we also had to sacrifice a handful of pures. Try to- sight, I'll- soon." Star quickly sat up to find a better connection, but the line had already disconnected. She sighed and closed the phone and then switched the T.V on, a helicopter view of New York appeared on the small screen as a woman reported the situation.

"As we all know, the United States have been at war with Canada against Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China for over 15 years. It may just be the end for us because we've been bombed in New York City earlier this evening around 10:30, devastating most of the flourishing city. About 145,000 people have been reported to be injured or killed; even at this moment, investigators are finding more survivors and deceased. We've been cornered to a wall, but this may be the end of War World III." A commercial comes on, but a bright red marquee scrolls on the bottom of the screen. FIND SHELTER AND REMAIN INSIDE UNTIL IT IS SAFE TO COME OUT. REMAIN INDOORS. REMAIN INDOORS. 

Star chuckled, staying inside won't do anything. The war going on won't be stopped anytime soon or at least that was what Star thought. She sighed and flipped through the channels, the red marquee was still scrolling on the bottom, this meant the US felt threatened enough to warn it's people. A sigh escapes her mouth as Star rests her head on her hand, a small pulse of adrenaline surges throughout her body when she recalls the events that happened earlier at the harbor. The thought of a sinner made her giddy with laughter, the feeling of killing one was very enjoyable. 

Star slowly closes her eyes, letting the background sounds of the TV fade into nothing. Her body felt heavy but at the same time it almost felt like she was floating, Star exhales, letting the darkness consume her.

"PLEASE, OPEN THE DOOR! PLEASE HELP ME!" Star instantly sits up, flaring with anger at what seemed to be a young girl behind the door. She was pounding loudly and continuously pleading for help. Star made no sudden movements and listened to the girl, debating on if she should open or not. She reached for her mk25 and slowly step off the bed, the pounding quickens as the girl begins to yell more frantically. "PLEASE HELP!! HE'S COMING! HE'S-" the pounding stops like someone had pulled her away from the door, but she continued to yell anyways. Her voice was getting further and further away.

Moving the shade away, Star peeked outside and scanned the area. Nothing. She quickly ran over to the closet and draped a bath robe over herself, it went down to the ground so she lengthened her body until it barely grazed the ground. Then she ran over to the other side of the room to get her bear and tore off it's right arm, inside was the stun gun bushy's friend had given her. She turned it over to examine the object, 100,000 volt DANGER, was bolded and inscribed on the bottom of the weapon. Star clutched it as she started putting the gun into the holster and hiding the backpack; she could still hear the girl faintly screaming as she approached the door, tying her robe as she walked. She puts her hand on the door nob and quickly swings the door open, she sticks her head out but there was no one. The girl wasn't screaming anymore, there was not a sound to be heard.

Everything seemed normal, but that was what irked Star. She quickly went back inside to shut the door, but she was too late.


"Hey now, it's common etiquette to invite your guest into the room." Star bit her mouth, a foot was in the way of her door and a dark face reveals itself through the gap.

"Get out now and I won't kill your sorry ass." She grunts when the figure tries to push his way in but she doesn't break their eye contact.

"Why don't you be a nice and let me in... Haven't your parents ever told you to help someone in need?" The voice soothly lets out, Star scowls but loosens up and steps back.

"Alright, come in," She hides her hands behind her back and watched as the stranger entered the room. "Hello." A smile creeps up on Star's face, "Are you shocked that I let you in?"

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