Staryl Will: Wanted dead or alive
Reward: 300k
Description: 8 year old girl with green eyes and brown hair wielding multiple types of guns.
Wanted for mass murder of half of New York, attempted assassination of president Obama, robbing 67 banks across the nation, and breaking into 10 US post locations.

Star smiles at the tv infront of her before taking a hammer and smashing it to pieces. Around her was littered with broken glass, blood and shelves that were knocked down. She picks up her bag of goods and took out a mini bottle of hair spray. She sprays the floor leading to the middle of the store and put the bottle down then takes out a match and lights it. As she walks out of the store she sets the match down at the end of the hair spray trail and sets the store on fire.


3. A New Age

Star puts her hands on her gun but the man was faster than her, he manages to hold her and started stroking her head.

"A little girl like you is perfect!" He caresses her face and touches her body observantly. "Your body is nice and well trained but looks soft and tender, very nice! Very nice!" Star struggles, her gun was right in her pocket and yet she couldn't reach it.

"Let got of me you sick creep!" Star elbows his in his guts but inflicted no damage, instead he moaned in pleasure in her ears and begged for more. "Get off!" Star struggled but it was no use, he was a grown man and she was only an 8 year old girl. For the first time in her 8 years of life she felt fear, she felt her body weakening. There was a stabbing pain in her side and the more she moved the worse it felt, she calmed herself and looked down, the man was holding a giant syringe and was injecting purple liquid into her body. The pain went away but was replaced with a numbing feeling, she couldn't feel her feet anymore and soon she lost conscious.

When Star woke up she was lying on cold concrete, her clothes were torn almost to shreds but there was still enough to cover the important places. She reached into her pocket, her gun was missing; Star stiffens her body. The gun was her only weapon, and she was in an unfamiliar place; it was her birthday and yet Jamal was not next to her smiling like an idiot and offering her left over cakes from a cheap run down barkery. Star stood up but instantly fell down, she still didn't have full control of her body yet.

"You shouldn't stand up yet, that drug doesn't wear off for about another hour." A voice comes from a dark corner in the room. It was the voice of a boy, probably in his teens.

"Where am I? Where's that creep who touched me? Where's my gun?" Star pouted, she felt embarrassed for being so scared.

"You mean this one?" The gun slides across the floor and stops just in front of Star, she picks it up and checks the mag, empty. "I'm afraid I have some bad news for you kiddo, but you've been captured by Doctor Frankenstein. He's a weird creep who likes to mess around with the human body and we are his only two specimen. He came in earlier when you were still unconscious and injected you with serum, I think he just created it so I don't know what it does. You should keep low for a while..." Star felt herself shake. "You don't have to be scared," it was like the boy knew what she was feeling, or it was just common sense to think that a little girl would be scared in a cold dark room. "Even though Doctor Frank is kinda weird, he'll treat you well. This is just a temporary room, he blew up his house a couple days back so it's getting fixed right now." The boy reassured Star but it didn't help her, either way, she was still being kept like a prisoner.

"Does he like to experiment on kids?" Star asked weakly, she was starting to feel hungry. She curled her head into her knees and wished she was older, bigger, able to run away with ease. She wanted to leave this place without the trouble of getting too tired or feeling helpless.

"I see, well would you like to know what he's done to you? I'm sure you'll be happy about this ironic twist in fate." Star looks up, confused. There was a rolling sound and a skateboard come out from the shadows, on it was a mirror and half a pb&j sandwich. "Take them," the boy urges. Star took the sandwich and takes a bite before reaching for the mirror, when she looks at the reflection, she didn't see a little 8 year old girl with crooked teeth and big ears; she saw a pretty girl in her late teens with big round green eyes and a petite little face. She looks down at her body, fully developed with huge curves and long legs; Star screams, what happened to her body?

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