Fatal Mistakes

Clare has been turned into a vampire, the greatest monster of them all... yet, she hates herself for it. Tries her best to stay human. When the sun burns her, their stakes chase her, how could that ever work? In fact, trying to retain her humanity could be her one fatal mistake.

This story began as one I wrote over a year ago (the first 12 chapters are from then) and I think my writing has improved since then. Let me know what you think.


12. Chapter Twelve

I dived forward, some small part of my mind telling me not to. To stop and actually think about what I was doing, but there was nothing left to consider. She was a threat, and worse she was human.

Through a blood red tint, I saw my prey screaming and begging me for mercy that I would never give. There was another human there, a male, and he was screaming even worse than the first. Yelling 'Claire' and telling me that I wasn't a monster. Who was he kidding?

I knew deep down that once I would have hated what I was doing, but by this point I couldn't care. I was a monster, and that was all I could ever be. A vampire, who needed blood to survive. And blood I would have.

Dropping the girl - her screams now little more than the smallest whimper - I smiled at the boy. He stopped screaming then, and just stared at me shaking his head. The look in his eyes, made me want to laugh. It wasn't fear, it was confusion. Like he truly didn't know how I could do this. It was simple though, his own sister killed me and this was all I had left. There was nothing wrong with that.

"Claire, please!" he whispered, when I was standing just inches away from him. That boy - Dan I think he was called- looked at me as if I was the most disappointing thing in the world, and for just a second I allowed that to bother me, before realising that all he was was prey.

A snack, or perhaps a main course if I was lucky. The purpose of prey is to get rid of the thirst. They can be nothing more, and you can't let yourself feel any pity for them. Even if they are screaming what used to be your name, and calling out for mercy.

We were standing eye to eye, and I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't run for the stake that we both knew was in the wardrobe. It would be easy, and it would be fast too. Really, I wouldn't have much time to resist, if he managed to get it right. Then he could live, and he could remember me - and Maisie - without seeing a demon with blood red eyes and blood smeared across their faces. That, or he wouldn't remember anything at all.

I couldn't let him live, that was never an option that I could take. It wasn't a choice at all. Dan would have to understand that. Kill or be killed, and today it was his choice.

I stared into his eyes, watching as he tried not to flinch, and waited for the blow that I was sure he was going to deliver. 
"Do it," he said, closing his eyes, and I continued to stare at this boy.
"What?" my voice was rusty, I was no longer used to talking. Something about this, this final change, into the monster I was inevitably going to become, meant that there was nothing more important than the thirst. There was no reason to communicate with prey, because all I could really say was that they were going to die.

"I said, kill me then. If you have to." The look on his face was one of utter fear, and I could see tears falling steadily down his face. Shuddering, I stepped back and stared at the girl lying unconscious at my feet. At the blood on my hands, and pooling on the floor. This wasn't right.

Finally, I knew. This wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to be scared, I wanted to still be able to feel fear. I gripped hold of the dressing table, not making any noise as the wood splintered into my skin, and shook my head. "Go."
Dan just stood there, unmoving, and I growled. This was my territory, and if I was going to let him go, then he was going to have to leave. Straight away.

Even then, he kept on standing in position as if nothing was wrong at all. As if this was just a confrontation between friends, rather than a killer offering to let him go. Let him live, and grow old and escape this place. Whatever it cost, I knew that I didn't want anything to happen to him because of me -even if it was only because I knew that the image of his dead body would lie behind my eyelids forever. Every time I closed my eyes, I would see his face- and this wasn't something I wanted to cope with.

"Leave!" I roared, angry that he wasn't following my orders, and grabbing his arms, throwing him halfway across the room. A little too hard. He fell, like a rag doll, hitting against the wall with a crack. His eyes were half open, confused.

"Go," I repeated, trying to keep my voice calm. He had to go, because I didn't know how much longer I could hold onto this semblance of humanity for - and if anyone else came to investigate the screams, then they would be dead for sure. I didn't want that. Not really, and I knew that the real Claire, the one who existed before this would not have wanted that either.

Dan stared up at me, barely able to keep his eyes open, as the pain that I had caused coursed through him. I had almost killed him already, simply by forgetting how fragile humans truly are. I was a monster.

Kneeling down beside him, I knew what I had to do. I couldn't be unleashed on those outside, on those who I had considered friends right here in this building. In my heart, I knew that I didn't want to be like Maisie, snarling and jumping and simply desperate for any meat that would make it's way to her warehouse. So she could butcher the humans like they were pigs, nothing more than a means to an end.

There was only one option left to me: give Dan the choice. His life, or my feeble attempt at staying alive when truly, Claire O'Sullivan was dead. I was just the monster who had taken her place.
I took the bloodstained stake from the wardrobe, and put it into his hand, folding his fingers around it.

Part of me begged for me to stop, to think of my own survival, begged to live. Even if it was as a vampire, who knew no sunlight or laughter or love.

I said nothing then, just closed my eyes, and waited to find out whether Dan was truly human. If survival was the most important thing to him, as it was for everyone left alive.

I heard him whisper, a quick apology. "Forgive me."

Every man for himself.

He raised the stake towards me and then paused, mid strike. "Go," he whispered.

I ran from him, and from my human life, though I knew I could never be fast enough.

They would always catch me.

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