Fatal Mistakes

Clare has been turned into a vampire, the greatest monster of them all... yet, she hates herself for it. Tries her best to stay human. When the sun burns her, their stakes chase her, how could that ever work? In fact, trying to retain her humanity could be her one fatal mistake.

This story began as one I wrote over a year ago (the first 12 chapters are from then) and I think my writing has improved since then. Let me know what you think.


3. Chapter Three

I had known this boy since I was a child; back in the days before all we had was each other. We had been simply friends then, but later we became family.

Now though, the look in his eyes told me that those days were over, that whatever I said or did, there was nothing that could fix this. Pretending wasn’t going to be a viable option anymore.

“Claire?” Dan said, his hand perilously close to the alarm button on the wall. My eyes darted to the button, the words “warning - fire” printed on in bold, from a time when nature and accidents were far more dangerous than supposedly mythical creatures.  

I stepped towards him, as slowly and steadily as I could, trying my best to move at a pace that a human wouldn’t find strange. Already, it was “me” and “them”, I could feel myself classing them as wholly different. Even though I had yet to hurt even a single one of them, I could picture Dan dead by my hand. The idea scared me less than I thought it would.

“Claire?” he said my name as if it was a question, as if I could be someone else, disguised as his best friend.Some part of me wanted to run forward, and tell him that it was all going to be alright, but another knew that I never could. 

His fingers tensed on the alarm, and I wondered what he would say to whoever came running, armed and ready. After all, it’s dangerous to approach a vampire, they say. Sharp teeth, and no qualms about- 

I love you. 

For a second, I looked at him and forgot what I had become, and saw the seven year old child who stood screaming outside my parent’s house, waiting for his family to come back. Now I was his family, and I had left him too. 

“Claire, please.” There is a wild look in his eyes, and he is pressed right up against the wall. White knuckles clutched the sides of the alarm, but still he hasn’t pressed the button. 

I closed my eyes, and tried to calm the fierce anger coursing through me. I didn’t want to be like this. Sliding down onto the floor, I pressed my hands over my eyes, and breathed deeply - as if I still needed to.

Even when I heard Dan sitting down beside me, I didn’t move. It was as if I no longer ‘]could, trapped inside a body that was no longer my own.

“Claire, are you ok?” His voice was so earnest, that I couldn’t help laughing. He hadn’t realized? 
“Yeah, I’ll be fine.” My voice sounded too high pitched, as if I was singing, but he didn’t seem to notice.

"What was wrong, just then? You were different." Dan looked at me as if all could be forgiven, if I just told him I was the same girl I always had been.

Even if it was a lie, he wouldn't care. 

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