Fatal Mistakes

Clare has been turned into a vampire, the greatest monster of them all... yet, she hates herself for it. Tries her best to stay human. When the sun burns her, their stakes chase her, how could that ever work? In fact, trying to retain her humanity could be her one fatal mistake.

This story began as one I wrote over a year ago (the first 12 chapters are from then) and I think my writing has improved since then. Let me know what you think.


6. Chapter Six

Really, I didn't want to tell him. Even then, I didn't want Dan to see how much of an idiot I had been. Perhaps I deserved this, for being so stupid.

"I should have seen it coming."  My voice was scarcely more than a whisper, and I closed my eyes as I remembered exactly what had happened that night.

Teeth tearing flesh and screams why was no-one coming to help she won't leave me and why was she here someone needs to help me dan come back come back and save me I think it's too late but-

That night, I couldn't even think. It was only the next morning, when I opened my eyes and saw the blood covering the warehouse floor that I realised. Dan was gone, and little Maisie - the girl who had once been the most beautiful child- was sitting on an old box staring at me with soulless eyes. 

"It?" I looked up at Dan, at the puzzled expression on his face, and smiled. It was sad, how he really didn't know. I was sure that he would of guessed why I made such an effort to come back to him; when it hurt so much. The night was my playground, and trying to survive around these humans was hell. Deep down, I had always known that it could only end like this. In my capture, or in a bloodbath.

"Sophie. Or at least, what was left of her." I can still remember her expressionless face, and the way she dived forward without a word. How the next day, when I had become just like her, she just sat and watched as I tried to leave the warehouse. She laughed at the way the sun scorched my skin. She wasn't Sophie at all. 

Dan paled, and stepped backwards against the wall, barely able to stand. He dropped the stake to the floor and I wished that I could pick it up and throw it away, just to keep myself safe. 

Slowly, he seemed to regain control of himself. "You're lying."
"I'm not." I looked him straight in the eye, and tried to ignore the look of utter fear and horror fixed on his face.
"You have to be. You're not even Claire anymore. Sophie's gone. Dead. You said-"

He stopped mid-sentence. I said that I would kill her, that I would make it so that she could never hurt anyone. I only said it because I knew that Dan could never do it. 

"I never even got the chance." Even if I had, I don't know that I could have staked her, because surely any semblance of life is better than none at all for that sweet little girl who never got the chance to live. Just six years old, and she could never reach seven. 

"What happened then?" He was listening to me, as if this were a story, rather than the truth of how I lost everything. How I had nothing left, and would soon be unable to stop myself from killing the boy who I had once- 

No.  I wouldn't remember all of that. Emotions meant nothing. I couldn't let them control me, especially not when I'd already lost.

"What do you think happened?" I raised an eyebrow, and managed to push myself up against the pillows, so I was in something which vaguely resembled a sitting position. 
"Why didn't you run?" Dan asked.

It was starting to feel like an interrogation, even though he was no longer holding the stake. I couldn't see why he wanted to know. 
"There wasn't time. I did scream though, I thought you heard? 
My voice was a monotone, as if the events I was talking of hadn't been so very horrific.
"I thought that was Sophie." His voice was low, his face pale.

I shook my head, trying desperately to rid the image of that girl running towards me, in the last moments of my human life; before she bared her teeth and sunk them into flesh. 
"It was me."

 We stayed still, as if fixed in place by some invisible force, staring at each other. Both of us, unsure of what to say.


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