Fatal Mistakes

Clare has been turned into a vampire, the greatest monster of them all... yet, she hates herself for it. Tries her best to stay human. When the sun burns her, their stakes chase her, how could that ever work? In fact, trying to retain her humanity could be her one fatal mistake.

This story began as one I wrote over a year ago (the first 12 chapters are from then) and I think my writing has improved since then. Let me know what you think.


9. Chapter Nine

I knelt down next to Dan, after having finally convinced myself that I wouldn't  hurt him further. The thirst was not so painful anymore, and I had to help him. At the very least, I had to make sure that he would not bleed out on the floor; because then he would be just like me. I did not want to have that playing on my mind; the thought that he could become a vicious,blood thirsty demon because of my mistake.

Taking a shirt from where it was lying on the bed, I pressed it against the open wounds on his neck, and tried not to wince at the look of sheer hatred on his face. I couldn't blame him. Dan tried to struggle to his feet, and this just opened the wound up again; I looked away so that I didn't have to see the blood slowly trickling down his neck.

Pushing him down with one hand, I continued to press on the wound. 
"I am sorry, you know." Even as I spoke, I knew that my words were too casual and would only anger him. Sorry could never be enough. 
"Get away from me,"he spat and I sighed, knowing that he was right. I should go. Leave him there, alone. Walking over to the window, I moved the curtain aside an inch, just so that I could see. 

Immediately, the light burned my eyes and filled me with pain. Swearing, I dropped the curtain and moved back into the room. My skin was bright red, and I waited for it to return to the palest white. When I turned, I saw Dan standing shakily on his feet clutching the stake.

The blood was finally drying on his neck, and although he was incredibly pale, I knew in my heart that he would survive. Still, he was barely able to stand, and it was hard to even think of him as a threat. Rolling my eyes, I stepped forward.

"You don't want to do that," Dan said, walking forward to meet me. He was swaying on his feet, but there was a look of determination on his face. I still didn't believe that he could actually do it.

Holding the stake so tight that his knuckles turned white, Dan pressed it into my ribs. I screamed out in pure agony, the wood literally poisoning me in a way that nothing else on Earth could.

I staggered backwards, holding up a hand, and begging him to stop at that. He stepped forward again, pulling the stake out and shaking his head.
"Missed," he said under his breath,  before stabbing me again.

This time the pain was more acute, an agony that I could not ignore. I screamed over and over again, eventually falling to the ground. Blood pooled around me, and dazed I wondered how long it would be before the thirst struck.

 Dan just stood there, above me like a vengeful god, watching me as I struggled to move. Time passed in a haze, and when my screams finally faded it was only because I no longer had the energy to move. Trying my best to stay focused, I realised that the stake couldn't have hit my heart. If it had, I would already be dead.

Spurred on by this realisation, I managed to pull the stake from my chest. The pain was incredible, even more than before. Gasping, and struggling for breath that I didn't really need, I managed to pull myself to my knees. 

Looking behind me, I saw Dan lying flat out on the floor unconscious. Dropping the stake, I sat beside him, struggling to hold myself back. The thirst was back, and it was so strong. It was almost impossible to deny it. Especially when he might never realise, as long as I stopped in time. It wouldn't hurt,right?

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