Fatal Mistakes

Clare has been turned into a vampire, the greatest monster of them all... yet, she hates herself for it. Tries her best to stay human. When the sun burns her, their stakes chase her, how could that ever work? In fact, trying to retain her humanity could be her one fatal mistake.

This story began as one I wrote over a year ago (the first 12 chapters are from then) and I think my writing has improved since then. Let me know what you think.


5. Chapter Five

I lay there, on the ground, physically unable to move. Above me, Dan was swearing and running around the room, and in any other situation his actions might have been funny. Now though, they scared me. He knew. Dan knew what I was, and soon he would sound the alarm and -

I didn't have the energy to run. I couldn't even stand. They would catch me, and finding different ways to torture the vampire who represented everything that had repressed them for so long would become sport. 

Desperately, with a will to survive I didn't even know I had, I tried to crawl along the floor, but found that even my arms wouldn't move. I could see and hear everything around me, but I couldn't move. When the armed defence team burst down the door, I would hear it, and I would be everything that they thought a vampire never could be. Helpless. Defenceless. Scared.

It was dark, and I wondered if Dan was even able to see at all. I heard footsteps moving close to me from the other side of the room, and a light switch was turned on. The room felt suddenly too bright, and even this feeble light burned my eyes in my current state. 

Still, I kept them open, because I needed to see if he was going to do anything. If he had decided that I was a monster by default, and that the fact I had yet to hurt anyone even mattered.

"Claire?" Dan kneeled beside me, his voice steely. 
I tried to speak, but found it almost impossible. Finally, I managed to say enough to try and convince him that I was still me. "I'm here. I'm not going to just-"

A wave of pain shot through me, and I panicked. Grimacing, I knew that I had to get as far away from Dan as possible, even if I was currently unable to move - perhaps that would chance. Maybe, I would become so desperate for prey that I could do the impossible. 

I still cared enough to not want to hurt him. 

"Get away from me," I whispered, hoping that he could hear. I lifted my head, just a few inches off of the floor, so I could see his face. So very scared. Perhaps I reminded him of his little sister Maisie, though she had been snarling and hissing when he found her. We both knew that we never should have left her alone in the warehouse, but Dan was the one who bore the brunt of the punishment. 

After all, he only saw that his dear sister was a demonic monster - because of him. He didn't have to see the way I hid the bite marks on my arms and struggled to hold on to my humanity for him. If he had lost me too...

"Claire, please don't tell me you-" he was speaking so fast his words were almost undecipherable, but I knew exactly what he was going to say. I also knew that there was no way I could lie to him now. 

He still hadn't moved from the spot on the floor next to me, and it angered me how he seemed to have abandoned all survival techniques. I'm sure the most important thing is to put space between yourself and the vampire?

"Help me up." I was going to have to show him. I just had to stay in control, and ignore every part of me that wanted to hurt this boy; wanted to take his life to make me feel alive. 

Dan grabbed me under the arms, and threw me onto the bed. I tried to pretend it didn't hurt. I looked up at him from where I was lying. He stood, arms folded, at the foot of the bed. He held a stake that I'm sure wasn't in his hands a few moments previously. 

"Do you want to know how it happened?" I could barely look at him then. Of course he didn't want to know. This was the only distraction I could offer though, the only thing that I could focus on rather than hurting him.

He nodded, his face impassive. "Tell me."

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