The newly loved

NIALL... Carter Fosler is a 19 year old girl who has an abusive father who blames her for her mothers death. She fight for a year after with the constant beatings and cutting. But when she meets a certain blonde haired blue eyed fella will their 'freind' become more then friends? Will she last thru all the hate from fans?


3. Leaving soon

3 months later... Carter's POV

its been 3 months since Niall found me and we started dating. He says that he has news for me so I'm kinda scared about that. Mostly because he's an international super star so he could be telling me he's leaving for tour. Or he could be telling me that he no longer has feelings for me and that he's dumping me. All this nervousness is making me a wreck so I need to relieve the pain I go to my book bag I brought with me and grab my razor and run to the bathroom. On my way I run into someone. Harry. " he sees the razors and says"good go cut yourself better yet go die in a hole" when I get around that I keep running I get to the bathroom Louis sees what Im doing he lunges over the couch to try to get me but I'm to quick I run to the bathroom and lock the door and sit in the bathtub I take the razor and cut deep into my skin 4 times then I hit the vessel by my wrist and I bleed a lot  then I hear shouting and irish accents I also hear... Girls voices? Then my vision suddenly goes black. When I wake up I'm in a hospital room. Then I hear an Irish voice shout " she's awake" he yells then a bunch of people in lab coats walk in he door saying stuff like attempted suicide or she's gonna need to be on suicide watch for a while and that i need all things I can hurt my self with taken away.

**skip the car ride home**

When we get home niall carries me inside and as I lay  down on the bed I feel warm hot lips being crashed onto mine. Niall makes me want him more and more each day. Then what he said next I couldnt believe came out of his mouth " I love you Carter" then he broke the news " carter I'm leaving for tour next week" then he crashed his lips on mine again. then we fell asleep again man lately we've been sleeping a lot. But I still can't put my finger on who's voices those were,

Wait could it be...


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