The newly loved

NIALL... Carter Fosler is a 19 year old girl who has an abusive father who blames her for her mothers death. She fight for a year after with the constant beatings and cutting. But when she meets a certain blonde haired blue eyed fella will their 'freind' become more then friends? Will she last thru all the hate from fans?


2. Boys

Nialls POV 

As we arrived home I saw 4 boys playing with Nerf guns. Carter and I walk up to the house 4 boys spew questions out at us. Such as"who is she" "what happened to her" "why is she limping" or "why did you bring her here" but there was one question that I hated hearing "what's with the slut" Harry said that. Ugh that Harry "what did you say harry?" I asked "I said what's with the slut" he said proudly.with that shouting Carter woke up and screamed. With that she ran to the garden and hid behind the oak tree.  "what was that about Carter"."erm.. Ur.. I uh..kindadatedharry" she blurted out fast so it all ran together. "you dated Harry?"I asked "err.. Yea" 

Carters POV

when I heard what Harry asked I tried to hide the tears but they just rolled down my cheeks freely. I jumped up from nialls strong muscular arms and ran to the nearest tree. I hid behind it and cried for what felt like forever until Niall found me. "what was that about Carter" he asked "erm..ur..I uh..kindadatedharry" I blurted out the last part so fast I wasn't sure if he got it but he did." you dated Harry" he asked "err.. Yea" 

Niall and I went back inside to find the boys sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching toy story 3. Well, all except Harry that is. Hmm, I wonder where Harry is. " I don't know, but I'll find out" "did I think out loud" I asked " yes love you did" oh great, " ok it's getting pretty late I think we should head to bed" Niall said. Then I remembered " I don't have any clothes" " oh I have some clothes of Eleanor's that you can borrow" Louis said. " ok thx " "I'll get them for you " he said. After Louis gave me the clothes me and Niall tried to figure out what was going on with the bed. "how about we both sleep in the bed" I stated "sure" as we both laid down he cuddled me into his chest . But I couldn't say I wasn't enjoying it but the next thing he said totally took me by surprise. "will you be my girlfriend" he asked " I would be honored to be your girl friend Niall " with that he kissed the top of my head and we fell asleep like that .

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