The newly loved

NIALL... Carter Fosler is a 19 year old girl who has an abusive father who blames her for her mothers death. She fight for a year after with the constant beatings and cutting. But when she meets a certain blonde haired blue eyed fella will their 'freind' become more then friends? Will she last thru all the hate from fans?


4. 3 BFFS



Carters POV

"hello" I asked as I heard the three female voices again. Then I saw the three most beautiful faces ever,MY THREE BEST FRIENDS Erin marlee and Caroline. Erin is a beautiful sanyo brown haired brown eyed freckled faced friend. Marlee the shortest most beautiful bleach blonde blue eyed girl I know then there's Caroline a beautiful  dirty blonde haired  brown eyed best friend. " then I look to my left and see my handsome prince niall. " did you do this? " I asked him " yep" he said " thx babe " I said and kissed him longer than I thought cause we were snapped out of our love trance to Erin calling my name " you've been making out for 5 minutes" she says sarcastically " oh Erin " I said me Erin,Cali,and Marlee were all catching up when I asked Marlee Erin and Cali who they liked Erin said Liam Marlee said zayn and Caroline said Harry.


"let's go" Niall and I said in unison " if we want to get to the water park before it closes we need o leave Cali " I shouted. Ok I'm coming as she walked out she had a bright neon green bikini on with pink sunglasses and a white Lacey cover up as she saw Harry staring her up and down she blushed and did the same to him he was wearing neon green swin trunks haha they were matching. Marlee was wearing a bikini with horse shoes on it she loved country stuff zayn was wearing polo swim trunks that said 'SEXY BEAST' on the front of them  Erin was wearing a bikini with a e on 1 breast and a l on the other representing her name Erin Lewis Liam was staring right at the 2 initials person ally I think his eyes were just on her boobs. I was wearing the bikini Niall gave me that said 'PROPERTY OF HORAN' on the butt. I loved this bikini. He was wearing a pair of striped swim trunks with a free hugs t-shirt so I took advantage of the free hugs. Louis invited eleanour to come too so far I like her she is nice.


when we got there we saw it was full of fans oh god.we got right back into the van they chased all the way home god they were crazy when we got home we watched movie it was fun.


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