I Hate You

My name is Lilly and life is a living hell in High School! I am one of those girls who used to be so popular everyone was jealous and now no one likes me. But the thing is, I was always so nice to everyone and included everyone but they treat me like dirt. But I only have one year left and the Im off to live my life. What ever that will bring me.... Oh btw my one i have a tiny little crush on Justin Bieber, the popular guy in school.


1. Will you go out with me

Lillys Pov

My alarm clock went off and i rolled out of bed getting in the shower hoping today will be different. As i got out i went to my wardrobe and i put on my vintage camera shirt i got at Brandy Melville and my Abercrombie high wasted shorts with some Steve Madden boots. I put on my make up and did the rest of my routine to get ready and headed to my car. As i got to school i saw Justin Bieber. Why does he have to be sooooooo HOT!!!!!! OMG he is coming over here i cant believe it! " Hey you look hot today lilly" AS he said that i swore i could melt i didn't know what to say back to him so i just said the stupidest thing "oh well I try my best"  He started laughing why do i have to be so stupid. Justin then stopped and said "Hey can I ask you a question" I nooded. "Do you want to go out with me" Right then i almost passed out but luckily i didn't i just nodded and he took my hand and we walked in the school. Maybe today is going to be different.

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