I Hate You

My name is Lilly and life is a living hell in High School! I am one of those girls who used to be so popular everyone was jealous and now no one likes me. But the thing is, I was always so nice to everyone and included everyone but they treat me like dirt. But I only have one year left and the Im off to live my life. What ever that will bring me.... Oh btw my one i have a tiny little crush on Justin Bieber, the popular guy in school.


4. Why are you here

Lilly pov

I woke in a white room with posters on the wall but i couldn't read them because my vision was really blurry. I blinked a couple times till my sight came back and i slowly sat up. I realized i was in a hospital and there was a million machines connected to me. I tried to think what happened but all i could think of was i was crying and running intil being jolted and then everything went black. There was a note next to a little green button that said "If you need help press here" i stared at the button and deiced to push it. As soon as i pushed it a nurse around her late 30s came running in.

"Do you need help" she asked me,

i slowly replied saying "yes um why am i in here what happened to me."

She came closer and sat on a chair next to my bed saying "Well Lilly you were in a car crash and broke a rib and you were out unconcste for 2 days. And my daughter is a huge fan and i was wondering if i could have an autograph for her."

When she said I was in a car crash i know why i felt pushed but why was i crying and running?

"Yes of course but when do i get out" I said while signing a piece of paper

"Oh maybe in a week or so" she said while taking the piece of paper and putting it in her pocket. "Oh there is a visitor for you his name is Justin Bieber."

When she said his name i knew exactly what happened. What a jerk that inmature boy is first he breaks my heart and now my rib wat else does he want to destroy. Oh wait i know me!(

"NOOOOO!" i screamed while she looked confused "I mean um just tell him im to tired to talk to a bet making bastered like him"

she still had a confused look on her face so i told her to sit down and told her the whole story.



Justins POV

I felt so bad for Lilly but thats what she gets for storming out from JUSTIN BIEBER. She will soon be my opening act cause ill be the number 1 guy here.'', I saw the nurse come out of Lillys room and i walked over to her. She looked at me with a disgusted face and walked away and i ran up to he a held her shoulders and said can i see Lilly. Sh e had tears building up in her eyes and i held her hard wanting to see lilly so badly to tell her im sorry for everything. NO what am i saying i want to laugh in her face her cute face UGH no her ugly face whats wrong with me today!!! I let go of the nurse and she flipped me off and ran to the ladies restrooms. I ream to Lillys room since no one was watching me and saw her back was facing me and she was crying. At frist i thought she was crying of pain till she whispered "UGH Justin you are such a jerk, Ive always liked you and when you asked me out I was the happiest girl in the world thinking you liked me back but no it was all for 30 fucking bucks! Now i shall never ove you or anyone again cause im never getting hurt like i did with you" I had tears in my eyes. I never realized how mean i was to her. I was gonna say something but my phone vibrated so i tip toed out cause she didnt know i was there and saw Scooter was calling. I quickly answered it and as soon as he said "justin you are no longer Lillys opening act R5 is going to be." I ran out crying. 




I hope you like this chapter i will update soon and thanks for all the comments!! And if you like this fan fic you should really check out my favorite one called "Lesson Learned"

xoxo Emily



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