I Hate You

My name is Lilly and life is a living hell in High School! I am one of those girls who used to be so popular everyone was jealous and now no one likes me. But the thing is, I was always so nice to everyone and included everyone but they treat me like dirt. But I only have one year left and the Im off to live my life. What ever that will bring me.... Oh btw my one i have a tiny little crush on Justin Bieber, the popular guy in school.


3. What Not Him!

Lillys Pov

After awhile i got to the studio and started to park my car. I started to think what was so important for me to go in. Usually i have Saturdays off so i could go out with my friends and act normal and Suzy always respected that. i got out of my car and took some pictures with my fans and finally made it through the doors. Before i went up i decide to go to the Starbucks located in the building. I ordered a Twix Frappe and payed and waited for my order. I heard my phone buzz in my back pocket and said that Suzy was calling.

"Hello" i said

LILLY WHERE ARE YOU" she screamed

"Its ok im just downstairs getting something in Starbucks" i said trying to calm her

"well hurry up the people i want you to meet are waiting" she said calming a little

"Ok........." i said questionably waiting for her to say who was upstairs

But instead of her telling me she just hung up

I put my phone back when the coffee person said "Lilly your order is ready"

I walked over to get it and started walking to the stairs. I was terrified with elevators ever since i watched Tower Of Tower  shall never step in one. I walked up to level 2 and headed to the door that 7. I opened the door and Suzy was there pacing across the door. Her face lighted up when she saw me but you could still see the anger in here eyes. She leaded me to the conference door and i walked in.There was a man sitting there and another chair facing the window. When we closed the door the chair turned around and it was.... NOOOOOOOO It was that FUCKING BITCH ASSHOLE GUY I CALLED MY BOYFRIEND... JUSTIN BIEBER! I gave him a death glare and he had a shocked face on him. Suzy said "Lilly i would like you to meet Justin Bieber your new opening act" I then respond as fast and loud as i could "WHAT NOT HIM" Justin stood up and banged his hands on the table and i stormed off. Tears were coming out of my eyes without stop. I wanted to forget those times and i did once i started singing but now he has to ruin this too! I kept running and running to my car and got in and started driving when i saw a car coming and then everything went black,




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