I Hate You

My name is Lilly and life is a living hell in High School! I am one of those girls who used to be so popular everyone was jealous and now no one likes me. But the thing is, I was always so nice to everyone and included everyone but they treat me like dirt. But I only have one year left and the Im off to live my life. What ever that will bring me.... Oh btw my one i have a tiny little crush on Justin Bieber, the popular guy in school.


5. R5

Lillys POV I put on a  white dress with pink flowers i bought at Urbain Outfitters and went in the bathroom to do my hair and make up. I put my hair in a side fish tail braid and put on a natural brown color for eye shawdow put eyelower on and mascara amd walked down stairs. I sat on the coach and heard my phone sing

When your ready come and get it na na na na na na na na

yes love that song I ran and got my phone and saw Suzy was calling and I and


Suzy: Hey Lilly

Lilly: Hey what's up

Suzy: well I want you to meet some people down a the studio

Lilly: k b-

Suzy: But someone else is gonna pick u up


I hung p and sat on the coach and waited

---------------------------------------------------------------- 20 minutes later --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I woke up by the limo and I ran to the mirror remembering that im meeting someone. Hopefully this time it will go well. I ran out and got in and took out my phone and went on twitter.

I then felt a sharp pain and decided to post saying

@Lilly<3: Thanks @justinbieber now my rib hurts wen ever I move :|

I got loads of RT and comments and I was trying to reply to a lot of good ones until I got to the studios and went upstairs and wen I opened the door I saw 1 girl who waved and seemed really nice and 4 boys but one caught my eye.




sorry I haven't posted in a while I hope you like there will be LOTS of drama coming up. Please fav and like and comment

xoxo Emily

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