I Hate You

My name is Lilly and life is a living hell in High School! I am one of those girls who used to be so popular everyone was jealous and now no one likes me. But the thing is, I was always so nice to everyone and included everyone but they treat me like dirt. But I only have one year left and the Im off to live my life. What ever that will bring me.... Oh btw my one i have a tiny little crush on Justin Bieber, the popular guy in school.


2. It was Just a bet

Lillys Pov

Today was Justins and i one month aniversity. he was so sweet to me and meant everything to me. He always showed me off and bragged about me to his friends. He was just so perfect. He told me he had a surprise and that he wanted to see me in the gym after school and I couldn't wait. At every class i would sit in my seat staring at the clock hoping time could go fast. At last the bell rang saying school was over. I collected my bag and stuffed my books in my locker. i quickly brshed my hair and put some make up on and ran to the gym. I wasn't supposed to come for another 10 minutes but i just had to come i was so excited. i walked in the door and through the hallway and as i was about to turn in the gym i heard Justin Talking to one of his friends. I coundnt really hear them so i walked in quietly  and stood behind the bleachers and started to listin. "good job bro" justins friend said "Thanks now give me my 20 bucks so i can just dump her and get with hot girls again" "ok here but how are you going to tell her you are breaking up with her" "I don't really care bout her i just carry about my money" "Ok whatever i better go before se comes" "ok bye ill come out when im done with this." Was i hearing this right. His love for me was just so he could get 20 bucks. I walked to the door and open and closed it so he though i just came in . i walked up to him and gave him a hug. He said "Theres something i need to tell you Lilly" "What is it JuJu, is something wrong or did you make a bet for 20 dollars that you could love me for 1 mounth," he looked at me shocked that i knew and i added "well really i get the 20 bucks cause im the one who loved u cause u never loved me." I took the 20 dollars out of his hand before he could stop me and i slapped him in the face and kicked him in the balls "What the fuck was that for" he screamed. "don't act dumb oh wait ur not acting" "Oh and btw we r over" I added.I ran out crying and ran to my car and drove home. Love suckes and i will never do it again.

One Year Later


Ever since the break up with Justin i stared taking my anger out with singing and i found out i was pretty good at it too. I was now a famous pop star that every guy wanted to date and every girl wanted to be. But i didn't date anyone because i swore i would never get heart broken again because it hurt to much. I was at my house writing songs when i got  a text from Suzy my manager saying she need me to come to our record studios ASAP. Suzy was like my mom since my dad left us wen i was a baby and my mom died just a couple months ago in a car crash. Well she hasn't died yet she is in a coma but shes still not here with me. Tears started falling down my eyes as i realized i had to go. i walked in my car and started to drive to the studios which was like two hour drive. i decided t put on the radio and saw that my newest song was playing. The song was called Heartbreaker. I always wrote songs about love not lasting and that stuff because wen i sing  i think about that basterd i dated. And i think im also so popular because wen people have dumps and that crap they can listen to my songs. Plus i always write back to my fans who have had heartbreaks and hurting times because  i understood them. My fans meant everything to me, hopefully this is not a bet either.



Hey guys sorry for the short first chapter but this one is a little bit longer hope you enjoy it. PLEAS FAVORITE ANDAND LIKE AND COMMENT!!!!!!!! ill write another chapter soon

xoxoxo Emily

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