Torn </3

Its... a... ONE DIRECTION.... fanfic! READDDDDDDD pwease read thisssss! xo


6. 6- Heart Attack

After that discussion with Louis, we finally reached a set of swings where Zayn and Harry were talking, more like planning because when Lou and I approached, they went silent.

"Hello love, you look amazing today." Harry complimented, showing off his dimples. Awww they are so adorable.

"So I don't look amazing any other day?" I fake gasped.

"You do.. it's just.. you..."

"Harry, I'm kidding. But thank you." I smiled, as we all started to walk. Harry and Zayn in the front as Louis and I were walking behind them, holding hands, laughing, and talking.

"So any plans this Saturday?" he questioned, giving me a quick smile, then facing forward.

"Not that I know of. Why?"

"Would you like to go to the mall with me? We haven't talked in like forever." he winked.

"That's true. Plus it's almost summer and I need cooler clothes." I responded as we reached the secret hideout that Niall and I only knew about. Well that's what I thought, how did the others find out though?

"So this is the place where you and Niall always disappeared to?" Zayn questioned, looking back at Louis and I, we quickly parted our hands before anybody could see. I nodded in reply.

"Who decorated this? Louis questioned, looking at me.

"Niall and I."

"It's stunning."

"Thank you."

Out of no where I felt arms wrap around my waist, causing me to screech and smile while laughing at the same time.

"Niall! You gave me a heart attack!" I breathed while chuckling, trying to keep a serious face at the same time as he turned me around. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Louis with a fake smile as he began to walk away. I pulled away from Niall , running after Louis, once he stopped I ran into him, causing me to stumble back. But again he caught me, there we were starring into each others eyes.

"Alex?" I looked over and saw Niall with tears in his eyes, threatening to fall.


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