Torn </3

Its... a... ONE DIRECTION.... fanfic! READDDDDDDD pwease read thisssss! xo


4. 4- Up All Night

Niall and I laced our fingers together, turning around slowly. I smiled as soon as I noticed who it was, I released Niall's hand quickly jogging over to Liam who has collapsed on the ground from running too much. There he lay on the cold hard ground, curse you Taylor Swift.

"Are you alright?"

"L-L-Louis." I bolted up soon pulling Liam to his feet. Niall picked him up over his shoulder, as he took my hand in his other and began to run towards the exit.

"Liam, what exactly happened to Louis?" I questioned as we came to a stop.

"He was eating a bag of carrots that Taylor got for him." he stated.

"Dudes, this is like Snow White all over again." I mumbled, soon hearing both Niall and Liam burst into laughter. I ignored them and started to make my way into the hospital and up to the information desk.

"Hello, I'm here for Louis Tomlinson." I stated.

"He is in room 112." she smiled, I nodded and thanked the old lady as I speed walked to his room. I saw her. Taylor fucking Swift.

"Uh excuse me, who do you think you are?" I barged into the room causing her to shriek.

"Im Taylor Swift, the country sweet -heart.: she stated in an innocent tone.

"Im talking reality, not dreams." her face turned red with anger.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" she snapped as she was walking closer to me, I took a step back.

"I'm Alex Scar Rose. Now step back before I catch your disease." she slapped me after my smart remark. Oh hell no! I slapped her back, but this time I kept slapping her causing her to fall to the ground crying, I bent down besides her.

"Now who is laying on the cold hard ground?" she stood up and walked over to Harry, oh god he saw all of this?!

"We're done." then tears poured out of his eyes like never before as soon as Taylor left. He ran up to me, embracing me into a hug.

"Thank you."

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