Torn </3

Its... a... ONE DIRECTION.... fanfic! READDDDDDDD pwease read thisssss! xo


2. 2- Torn

This place is still the same, since I saw it. Just beautiful. Niall and I slowly made our way up to the tree house, both of us smiling like crazy. Isn't it weird how you could be crying one moment then laughing and smiling the next? But Whatever, I ain't complaining. I couldn't stop smiling at the though of how cute Niall was, his dyed bleach blonde hair and that smile, oh gawd that smile.

"Alex?" an Irish accent rang, jolting me back to reality. I could feel the blood rushing to my face as I mentally facepalmed myself. When will I ever stop day dreaming about him? One of these days my thoughts are going to over rule my body and i'm going to end up telling him how I feel.

"What? Oh sorry, I was just thinking." I stated like it was nothing. I mean, I wasn't lying cause I was thinking. Thinking about how adorable my best friend is. I bit my lip gently, making it seem as if my thoughts were nothing, but obviously failed as Niall started jumping up and down like a child just got the best thing on Earth.

"ALEX HAS A CRUSH! ALEX HAS A CRUSH!" he chanted with a smile plastered across his face. That was the biggest smile I have ever saw him have. Yeah, you heard me right, was. Until his face fell and went into a thinking state, like he was trying to figure something out.

"Nialler, are you alright?" I questioned, he just turned around and began to walk away. What does he think he is doing?! Doesn't he know that nobody could replace him? I grabbed his wrist, pulling him into my arms. His arms immediately wrapped around my body as he began to sob into my shoulder.

"I'm just t-torn." he mumbled through his sobs, I just held him tighter than ever.

"What do you mean?" I questioned as he began to calm down, he just looked at me in the eyes and caressed my cheek, pulling my hair behind my ear.

"Alex, I have something to tell you." he stated. I stared into his stormy blue eyes as I saw them shine, glistening in the sun that peeked through the trees, making his eyes, just beautiful.

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