Torn </3

Its... a... ONE DIRECTION.... fanfic! READDDDDDDD pwease read thisssss! xo


1. 1- Secret Hideout

Tears pouring out of my eyes, blurring my view as I was kicking the rocks beneath my feet. I cant believe that he chose her over me, saying 'it was managements idea', you know what? I don't believe you, you chose her over me. So don't even bother coming back Harry. I, Alex Scar Rose vow to never be around you, that's a promise. A promise that I will probably break, but promises are meant to be broken right? Well in my world that's what I go by. Suddenly my phone started playing 'Gotta Be You' by the one and only One Direction.

"Hey Nialler!" I answered in a cheerful voice.

"Alex! I am so glad you answered! Can you meet me up at our hideout?" he asked quickly in a hopeful voice, dripping with plead. What happened that was this bad?

"Of course! Where are you at?" I questioned, soon hearing foot steps and before my eyes stood Niall with tears falling down his face like a water fall. I quickly embraced him in a hug, assuring him that everything would be alright.

"Alex, why are you crying?" he wiped my tears away.

"Lets go to the hideout, then I will tell you." I whispered as I pulled him through the forest, hearing him laugh made me smile, just him being himself makes me smile.

Pushing through branches, stumbling past trees, swatting at the mosquitoes, getting everything out of the way. This is the way Niall showed me, when we first met.


There I lay on the grass as tears poured out of my eyes, why did this have to happen? I just lost the best brother in the world, all because of the damn cyber bullying. How do I know? I heard him crying late at night, the night that we lost both our parents. That's when he became my older brother and my guardian.

"Are you alright sweetie?" there was a hand waving in my face, I quickly sat up as she sat besides me placing an arm around my body pulling me into his side.

"Not really." I tried to stop the tears.

"Here, come with me. I know a place where you can get things off your mind. I'm Niall by the way." he smiled as he offered me his hand, awww he has like the best smile ever! Correction, he does have the best smile ever. I took his hand as he helped me up.

"I'm Alex, how old are you?" I questioned, wiping my tears that were down my face.

"Haha im 16, and you?" he chuckled.

"15, going to be 16 in June." I stated as we then entered the place we now call our hideout.

-End of Flashback-

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