i didnt listen, i remembered you...

Jennifer Starling, is an average girl who has a wonderful boyfriend Niall Horan, for a little while they have been followed the couple thinks nothing of it and goes on a normal day, one day they end up in the woods Niall is looking for Jennifer, he keeps calling out she's been missing for hours, suddenly she comes running up to him, Jennifer he cries, Niall listen to me, you must run as fast and as far as you can from here she says, live your dreams become famous, and forget me I'm a goner, just run, suddenly a man in all black comes running and holds a gun to her head, she lets a tear slip, she hasn't cried for a long time, I love you she says then mouths the word RUN,


1. Goodbyes,

Niall's POV\

I know for sure that I'm in love with Jennifer, we were on a date in the park, when the ball we've been using gets kicked into the forest Jennifer runs after it, after a few minutes i go looking for her, I had decided earlier that today I will tell her i love her... I've been searching for hours calling JEN! JEN! suddenly a figure comes running it's Jen, i pick her up and twirl her around, i go to say something but she stops me, Niall, go run as fast and as far as you can, I'm a goner already, now run from hear and never look back live your dreams become famous, and forget about me, I'm going to die tonight, you need to run she says just as a man comes running up and grabs her, she let a single tear slip, this is bad she NEVER cry's Niall I love you she says, then she mouths the word RUN i listen and run as fast as i can...

I wake up sweating I've had that dream every night for as long as i can remember I didn't listen to her I remembered her, I did become famous, I'm now in a boy-band, and i miss her more than ever, the weird thing about that night i never heard a scream or gunshot, something tells me she's still alive, i haven't dated another girl since her because I love her too much, the others try to set me up but i wont let them they don't know about her so i just say that I'm waiting for my princess to come,

Niall are you ok? Liam asks walking in, i shake my head, the dream again? i nod he knows about her, i still have a picture from the day she went missing, and said goodbye, she said she loved me, but i cant have lost her, i feel like she's still out there, so while we're here in London, I've been looking for the girl, yeah she lives in London, her family told me that she always had plans, and because she didn't die that day, i know her enough to know she thought out her plans and she's here,

I'm just going out Liam i say walking out the front door, ok Niall see you he says sadly, i wave and start to walk, after a while i go into the grocery store, when i have milk I'm walking to the check out when i see her, it's obviously her, i pull out my photo of her same girl, i drop my milk she turns and her eyes fill with sadness as she starts to walk away JENNIFER i call, suddenly she stops in her tracks and turns around, she runs to me and hugs me, you didn't listen she says while hugging me, i miss her hugs, no i couldn't listen I remembered you and i became famous, i say, she looks at me an says, so do you have a girlfriend? i look at her with wide eyes no i couldn't get over you! i say, it was hard and i never did i say honestly she giggles want to know the truth? what i ask, i never got over you either, i laugh and hug her again, damn i didn't know how much i missed her hugs, she gives warm hugs, i remember the milk, and laugh when i hear clean up on isle, 7 we start to walk out together, want to meet my band? i ask her sure she says,

so I'll follow you in my car? umm the thing is i didn't drive here i say she laughs hop in she says i get into her car she always told me she would have a Lamborghini, when i got in i looked at the back seat and saw the ball from that horrible day she hops in and notices me staring she smiles, i couldn't get rid of it, it was the last thing i had of you, i smile at this, she asks for directions and i give her the correct turns, when we get to the driveway of the shared house me and the guys have, i hopped out and she followed, you really did listen to me! she comments i chuckle, yup I missed you so much i say hugging her again, i wanted a lovely hug, she laughs, oops said that out loud didn't i? i ask she nods and smiles oh how i missed you she hugs me, when we get there i forgot my key so i knock Liam answers the door and lifts an eyebrow, i show him the picture he study's it then looks at her, Niall didn't she die that day? no she answers pain in her voice, i escaped barley, there was no gunshot or any clue to me being dead,

he laughed after you ran and dragged me back to the house and started to cut my skin, finally his phone rang, he being stupid answered it, while he was i crawled out, i had almost no clothes and i was crawling in the woods, when i got out i ran to the train station, and got on a train to London England I've lived here well in London for the rest of the time, slowly dying because the guy i was in love with i thought he listened and forgot about me, but he didn't, he remembered she finished off hugging me, i look down at her, she looked up at me and smiled I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH she screams loudly, i laugh same old Jennifer I MISSED YOU TOO i yell not nearly as loud, Liam looks at us just as her stomach growls she looks down before slapping it and saying shut up i laugh harder, Liam starts to chuckle about how we're perfect for each other, which in my opinion is true, oh and this is overdue but I love you i say to her she smiles better late than never, and i love you too still, i laugh, now you need food, she laughs you got that right buddy, when we got in i asked her about the cuts, she nodded and lifter her shirt to show her stomach, it showed scars horrible things all over i traced one she smiled at me, she put her shirt down again and we started to make sandwiches, when we walk out we both have a plate with about 5 each, someone went to take her sand wich and she grabbed his wrist and flipped him, MINE she growled before eating a sandwich, i laugh from the door way, yeah who are you he asks, yor worst nightmare she says, i walk out and put an arm around her, he raises an eyebrow, so we try and set you up forever and you find a girl in a day, with that Jen starts to cry, it hasn't been a day she says, i hug her, guys i call, they all come running in and sit on the couch, i sit on the one facing them with Jennifer they look at us and we start the story, Jennifer tells it i couldn't,

Me and Niall were dating a long time ago, we were on a date in the park when the ball we were using went into the woods, i ran after it, when a man grabbed me and dragged me to a cabin house thing, he tortured me and i escaped a little to easily, he as chasing me when i ran into Niall, i told him to run and forget about me, i told him to become famous and live his life because i was a goner, just then the man came and grabbed me, he pointed a gun to my head, Niall ran after i told him i loved him and let a tear slip out of my eye so he knew i meant it, after he ran i was dragged back to the cabin where i was cut with knives and beaten, i escaped in only underwear and a bra, got on a train and got to London found clothes and lived from there

she explains, it's painful to hear this in her point of view, she is so broken and sad, it's heart breaking, i look at the guys they have faces of shock and disbelief, she leans on me and i put my arm around her, i feel a small wet spot him my shoulder and i turn her to face me sure enough she was crying, it's ok i say i hugged her again, screw it she said and kissed me, i smiled into the kiss, when we pulled apart, Jennifer was taken int a huge hug, your amazing you know that, she laughs and nods, when she is given back to me we sit together and just talk like old times, that reminds me i say, what? she asks, people need to know your back, she nods, i really missed you she says hugging me, again before standing up, well i must be off goodbye she says walking out the door, i follow her and ask where she has to go, she says her apartment, i ask if i can come she laughs and says sure movie night? i nod sounds good i say as we walk to her car, i cant get over this sexy car i say she laughs i know right? and i knew there that life was turning for the better


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