Ember Slade and her four best friends Keira Tremaine, Celeste Huntly, Luna Halifax and Ariana Verbeck have all been chosen to attend St Solomon's Academy, a school for the gifted. Ever since Ember and her friends recieved the letters from the academy, strange marks have been appearing all on their bodies. What does it mean? Will they ever find out? Read on to find out.


2. The Letters

Ember's POV I always knew i wasn't normal, like I’d never fit in until one day everything was revealed. 3 years earlier... "Ember, come down stairs i have something for you" calls Arianne. I glance at the alarm clock by my bed, 6:30am. I groan as i stand up and head towards the bathroom, just having realised that it's Monday. As i walk in i catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror; large bright blue eyes, petite figure and wildly tangled black hair. "Where did i leave my brush" i mumble as i search the room. "There it is" i say whilst picking up the brush. Mum says i should cut my hair due to the length it has grown, but i love my how it is despite having to groom it to perfection every morning. After i finish brushing, i pull my hair up into a neat ponytail and then start to curl it with the curling iron. Afterwards i apply four coats of mascara, light foundation and some cherry lip gloss. I walk out of the bathroom and head towards my walk in closet. "What shall i wear" i say to myself as i search the closet for some clothes. After about 10 minutes of looking i finally chose an outfit; knee-high red converse boots, black mid-thigh length corset dress, blue rose earrings, large blue moustache ring and a blue owl pendant necklace. I walk out of the closet and head down stairs to see what Arianne has for me. "Finally, here you go and there's also a package on the table" Arianne says as she hands me a letter. "What's this" i ask, whilst opening the letter. "How the hell am i supposed to know, now hurry up and open it" Arianne replies, her voice full of anticipation. I pull out the paper inside and read aloud; Dear, Miss Slade We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at St Solomon's academy, school for the gifted. As you may already know this school is for the supernatural, you will know what kind of creature you are from the special mark that will appear on your body. First term will commence on the 27th of February, we hope to see you and the others here with us. A package has been sent to you full of the essentials you will need throughout the year. Transportation to the school will be provided. I hope you chose to accept this most gracious offer, by attending our school. Sincerely, Headmistress Athena I place down the letter in utter shock, not able to think. So many questions were swarming in my head, why choose me? What do they mean by supernatural? Who are the others? I walk over to the table and open the package inside were; Four small silver boxes, a black uniform, Several school books, a room key, a map of St Solomon's academy and a class timetable. I'd taken everything out but the silver boxes each had a different symbol on the top; a Phoenix, a Sea Serpent, a Hippogriff and a Centaur. I picked up the box with the Hippogriff and underneath was a small piece of paper; i placed the box on the table and picked up the paper. It read; Inside each box is a special object, you will feel drawn to each of them, but one more than the others... It was true, i did feel drawn to them but they all had the same feeling. I grabbed the Hippogriff box and opened it slowly, i gasped, inside was a beautiful necklace of a set of white feathered wings. I pulled out the necklace and set it around my neck. The Phoenix box was next and inside was a ring of a red sun and inside the Sea Serpent box was a bracelet of a thin wave which wrapped around my fore arm. Lastly was the box with the Centaur; inside was an anklet with delicately carved wooden leaves and flowers. After i placed all four pieces of jewellery on a knock sounded at the door. "I'll get it" said Arianne as she walked towards the door. "Ember, your friends are here" called Arianne. I walk towards the front door to be greeted by my four best friends; Luna Halifax, Ariana Verlack, Keira Tremaine and Celeste Huntly. “What are you guys doing here" i ask. "Did you get a letter to?" asked Celeste. I step aside and let them in. Gathered in the living room, i ask "What colour uniform did you get?”. "Red and white" says Keira. "Me to" says Ariana. "Purple and white" says Luna. "Just white" says Celeste. “I got black, oh, and which box did you feel most drawn to?" i ask. "Phoenix" says Keira. "Same as Keira" says Ariana. “Hippogriff" says Celeste. "Centaur" says Luna. "I was drawn to all of them" I say. Celeste's POV I look around at the girls, only to stop and stare at Keira. "What is that? On your neck" i ask Keira. "What there's nothing on my neck, Is there?" Keira says uncertainly, touching her neck gently. I pull a small mirror from my hand bag and hand it to her. "When did i get that?" she mumbles whilst staring at the mirror. "Get what? What is it?" asks Ariana. "It's a tattoo of a vampires bite marks" she replies. "Didn't the letter mention marks will appear on our bodies?" i ask. “I wonder what mark i have." Says Ember. "Okay, everyone stand up, we have to find those marks" i instruct the girls. After searching i discover that Luna has a blue crescent moon on the back of her neck, Ember has a horizontal black rose with three petals having fallen off, Ariana has several pink and green, six-pointed stars and that i have a set of white angel wings on my shoulder blades.
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