Time Will Never Change Us.

When war hits a country there's always one thing that must be done, save the children. Its the year 1939 and war has been declared on Germany. All the children in Danielle's school have been evacuated, but when her and her 3 closest friends are evacuated, they realise that being sent to the best children's war camp* in the country isn't all good.

*I'm not a big historian so I'm sorry if some facts in this story are not 10% accurate.


1. Evacuation.

"But I don't want to leave London!" I wail, letting my smooth British accent echo to the other side of our main school hall. I hated the Idea of evacuation, and I was never going to let it take me away from my family and friends.

"Its for your own safety." argues my teacher Mrs Hannigen, "and quite frankly I cant wait to see the back of some of you."

"Love you too Miss." mumbles my friend Erin whos posture suggests that she's just about given up on staying here too. To be honest I'd just about given up aswell, I'd managed to get away with not going to one of the fancy 'war camps' for about a month now, but it was no use from running away from what was sure to come.

It had been declared a month ago today that we were at war with Germany. A month ago today that I decided that I didn't want to be evacuated. That's the thing about me you see, I'm too stubborn to accept even what best for me and those I love. If something changes too quickly I'm not happy.

"Come along now children, the bus is here!" Mrs Hannigens voice snaps me away from my thoughts and back to reality. Im standing up to go when I see Ruby running towards me. You see I've known Ruby since I was two, and quite frankly she's always late.

"Wow I'm surprised you got here in time to go!" I say with very little enthusiasm in my voice.

"Oh har di har Danielle very funny." she grumbles, "I'm as happy as you are to be going so we might as well make the most of it."

"At least we'll be safe as well." Erin addes, "We might make new friends too."

"Yes maybe..." I agree, " But who would want to be friends with social outcasts like us... and where's Evangeline, does anyone know where shes gotten too?" My friends shake their heads, indicating they haven't seen her all morning.

"Well we'd better had go look for her then." I say, "She'd better had not gone off with the boys again." I pick up my gas mask and run into the sea of children that crowd the hall.

A few minutes later I turn around to find a flusterd Erin and Ruby carrying a tired looking Evangeline towards me.

"Lost... gas mask... was told... she was..... going to... die." Erin splutters.

"Well come on then." I say, "Lets go get on this stupid bus."


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