Time Will Never Change Us.

When war hits a country there's always one thing that must be done, save the children. Its the year 1939 and war has been declared on Germany. All the children in Danielle's school have been evacuated, but when her and her 3 closest friends are evacuated, they realise that being sent to the best children's war camp* in the country isn't all good.

*I'm not a big historian so I'm sorry if some facts in this story are not 10% accurate.


2. Camp

The bus jerks to a halt waking me from a deep sleep.

"Can Danielle Sommers, Erin Smith, Ruby Townsworth, and Evangeline Brown please step off the  bus." Mrs Hannigen reads, "This is your new home."

 I step off the bus and instantly the light blinds me, and when I regain my sight I notice a big wooden sign towering over me reading, "Summerdale Camp". I sigh heavily and walk over to what looks like a registration office with what little belongings I have, and Erin, Ruby, and Evangeline following closely behind.

As I approached the door of the oddly shaped cabin I realize that it was quiet, too quiet.

"Are you sure were in the right place?" Evangeline asks, "I mean we are new here..."

As soon as I'm about to reply the door to the cabin swings open and a smiley yet formal woman stands smiling at the door, "Hello? How can I help you girls?" She asks kindly, I notice that her accent is northern, I wonder just how far we have travelled to get here.

"I'm Danielle and this is Evangeline, Ruby, and Erin. We're evacuees."

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