Imagines!!!!! <3 :)

Imagines for you just tell me your personality/fav 1D boy/and how you look.
Will be some swear words, Nothing dirty, you know what i mean!! ;)
Anyway im just doing this to get some good ideas for my actual fanfics so yeah, Enjoy!!!!! :)


4. Imagine for Taylor

Your best friend Eleanor has set you up on a blind date, you've always hated the fact that you'll be on a date with a complete stranger, but you agree as she has spent ages sorting everything out,

You didn't have a clue what to wear, you decide on a navy dress and the shoes to match and a little silver clutch bag, you laid it on the bed before you went for a shower. You planned to leave your hair down so you washed it and when you came out, you got the hairdryer on it and left it down, you only put a bit of makeup on because you didn't want to go looking like an orange. You slipped into your dress and shoes, you grabbed your clutch bag and headed downstairs, Eleanor was waiting for you as she was taking you to the restaurant. "Wow Taylor, you look amazing." She said and I smiled back as I didn't know what to say.

It was quarter to eight and I had to be there at eight, luckily it was only a ten minute drive, in the car she said "Tay remember, look for a white teddy bear, and you'll be fine trust me."  as we pulled up to the restaurant. I was so nervous, what if he doesn't like me or I slip something. I got out the car and waved at Eleanor, you headed in and you looked round and you couldn't see anyone on their own, then in the corner you saw a white teddy bear, you headed over to the table. When you reached the table, there was a young lad with dirty blonde hair just like yours, he noticed you walking over but he pretend not to notice and he saw you stood there, and he stood up and said "Wow you must be Taylor, Hi I'm Niall Horan. I'm new to this whole dating thing." You could feel your cheeks going red, he offered you the seat where the bear was and said "He's for you, I didn't know what to get you, I hope you like him." You nodded. 

The date was going amazingly, you talked about different things. It was half ten and you both decided to call it a night, you headed out hand in hand, he walked you out and he said "Wanna lift Taylor?" You nodded, you both headed over to his Range Rover. You tell him where you live, you pull up outside your house and you kiss him on the cheek and said "I wasn't going to turn up tonight because I'm not the biggest fan of blind dates, but I'm glad I did now." as you passed him your number and got out the car and watched him leave the street before heading in the house.

You didn't expect a text off him, but soon as he let the street, you got a text saying 'Hi Taylor it's Niall, just thought I would text you so you have my number and thank you for an amazing night I really enjoyed it. xx' you just looked at the text, you sent a smiley face back and two kisses.


You were texting each other for the rest of the night and ranged to meet up the next day for a coffee.  You went to your wardrobe and got out a pair of skinny's and a cute top, and some dolly shoes, and you headed off to the cafe. You both arrived at the same time and headed in, after spending ages in the cafe, he decided to show you his 'secret' place.

You both stayed at each others houses and  Niall warned you about what he did and all the fans but you didn't care because you were in love with each other and that is all that mattered. Niall tweeted 'Sorry to all the fans out there, I am no longer single, I have waited for my princess and I have finally found her. Please don't give her hate because I really love her and if you were a fan you wouldn't give her hate!! Love you Taylor' and he posted a picture of you two together. :)




Hope you like it, sorry if it's crap x


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