Imagines!!!!! <3 :)

Imagines for you just tell me your personality/fav 1D boy/and how you look.
Will be some swear words, Nothing dirty, you know what i mean!! ;)
Anyway im just doing this to get some good ideas for my actual fanfics so yeah, Enjoy!!!!! :)


6. Imagine for Emily

You and Niall have been going out for 2 years, one day when you were lying in bed, you asked "Why did chose me?" He smiled at you and said "When I saw you at the signing I knew you were my long lost princess, you have the most cutest smile, you've got amazing eyes and you are just perfect to me." as he kisses you on your forehead. You had your head on his chest and you were listening to his heartbeat and that made you fall asleep, when you woke up Niall had gone, you call out his name but he didn't reply, so you get out of bed and put Niall's hoodie on what was hanging on the door handle. You go looking for him in the flat. On the coffee table there was a note saying 'Sorry Em, got called into the studio for a last minuted meeting, won't be long, love you lots Nialler :) xxxx'

You sit down on the couch with the note in your hand, you didn't want to move in case Niall came back, you put the T.V. and was the music channels MTV and 'Live While Were Young' came on. You sing along at the top of your voice, hours later Niall came back and he headed straight for the bedroom, ignoring you. You got up and followed him and you said stood at the door 'What's the matter Niall?" He looked up and his eyes were red and puffy and he stuttered "We're going to America tomorrow and I don't want to go with out you Em." You went over and sat on the bed next to him and said "Niall, it's part of your job and I'll be sat right here waiting for you because your stuck with me forever." That made he giggle a little. Your heart was breaking inside because you needed to tell him something but you can't tell him now as he's off to America.

The next day Niall was already to go, you never went to the airport because you always end up crying and then it starts Niall off. So you hugged and kissed him and said "Please text when you land in America and I love you with all my heart." He kissed your cheek and said as he was going out the door "I love you too and will do, see you soon Emily." You didn't know how long he was going to out there for or if he was just saying that to get away for a few days.

About half ten you headed off to bed, you hugged Niall's pillow and put one of his tops on so it felt like he was still there, you fell sound asleep. The next day you noticed that you had a text from Niall saying 'Hi Em, that's us just landed in America missing you loads, the weather is amazing out here but I wish you where here :( see you soon baby xxxx'

You looked at the text, you replied straight away saying 'I know you'll be busy but I really need to talk to you, it's important, love you xxxx' You didn't get a text all day, you were on your laptop doing some work, you had Skype running on in the background in case Niall came on and just as you were getting ready to go offline, Niall popped up saying 'Sorry we had a busy day, but I'm all yours now Emily xxxx' You smile to yourself as he sent you a video call, you accept it straight away, he said 'I wasn't ignoring you before my phoned had died and what did you want to tell me?' You looked at him and said ' Just that me and the baby are missing you and we love you with all our hearts and we can't wait for you to come home.' Niall had a confused look on his face and you said 'Niall, I'm pregnant' He screamed 'I'M GOING TO BE A DAD, I'M GOING TO BE A DAD.' You could tell he was excited and once he had calmed down you said 'Please don't tell anyone Niall, I want to wait after the 12 week scan' he agreed.




hope you like it, I know its rubbish :( iv just got in from work x

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