Imagines!!!!! <3 :)

Imagines for you just tell me your personality/fav 1D boy/and how you look.
Will be some swear words, Nothing dirty, you know what i mean!! ;)
Anyway im just doing this to get some good ideas for my actual fanfics so yeah, Enjoy!!!!! :)


8. Imagine for Emily with Louis

You’re on twitter reading all the hate you getting for 'cheating' on your boyfriend Louis even though you've been with him for 3 years. There is some fans sticking up for you and tweeting sweet things but the hate tweets stick in your mind and they make you feel like shit and you even cry because they say things what aren't true so you and Louis would break up. All the lads tell you not to read them because they are only jealous.

The lads were away on tour and you decided to go on twitter to see what was happening, you had loads of sweet tweets saying; ' @Amy_Higgins_Devine ‘@EmilyHDavis: Ignore all the hate as you and @Louis_Tomlinson are soooo cute together and the perfect couple, keep smiling beautiful J xx'  and another one @Rosie_Stypayhorlikson ‘@EmilyHDavis: If you love @Louis_Tomlinson, ignore everyone else J and everyone is just jealous xx’ you loved reading the tweets what make you smile and then there were about 100 hate tweets and there was a few that you can remember was @Holly_Directioner ‘@EmilyHDavis: You don’t deserve to be with @Louis_Tomlinson because he doesn't love you and you like your pretty but you’re not, NO-ONE likes you.’ And there was one @Sophie_Styles ‘@EmilyHDavis: I thought you said you loved @Louis_Tomlinson, so why were you seen holding hands with another lad this weekend then? Just because he’s on tour doesn't mean you can sleep around,’

You clicked on the picture and it was of you and your ex-boyfriend Jamie who you went out with 4 years ago. You tweeted her back saying @EmilyHDavis ‘@Sophie_Styles: Aha you’re so pathetic that is a picture of me AND my ex-boyfriend Jamie and I haven’t been with him for 4 years.’

You had to get off twitter; so you turned your phone off and headed off to bed. You kept having nightmares. You woke the next morning, the T.V. was on in the living, you slowly got out of bed and headed into the living room and sat on the couch watching T.V. was Louis, and he smiled and said “Morning beautiful, I noticed you were sleeping so I didn't want to get into bed, so I slept on the couch.”  You smiled back and ran over to him and give him a massive hug and whispered in his ear “I love you”  He looks at you and he notices you've been crying “What’s the matter Em and don’t lie to me.” You looked at him and sighed “I know you told me not to read twitter but I did and someone said I was cheating on you and you don’t love me.” He put his arm around you and said “Emily, I love you with all heart and you don’t need to listen to them.” He pulled his phone out and you thought he was texting someone, but in fact he was on twitter and he twitted ‘You’re meant to be fans, why tell @EmilyHDavis that I don’t love her and that she is cheating on me when I know for a fact she isn't leave her alone or you’re not a true. END OFF!!’

He turned round to you and said “That should do it princess; I've told the fans what I think of them.” You smiled and kissed him on the cheek. You put your head on his chest and you fall, you were flat out and you hear Louis whispering you name, you wake up and he saying “It’s time to get up beautiful; I’m going to take you out for a meal.”

You get up and ran into the bedroom and pulled out Louis favourite dress, a little black dress and black heels. You both headed out for an meal and night out.





Sorry it took soo long and sorry its rubbish but i hope you like it :) xx

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