Imagines!!!!! <3 :)

Imagines for you just tell me your personality/fav 1D boy/and how you look.
Will be some swear words, Nothing dirty, you know what i mean!! ;)
Anyway im just doing this to get some good ideas for my actual fanfics so yeah, Enjoy!!!!! :)


3. Imagine 2 (grace)

Grace's POV~ Omgeeee im going on a date with Louis!!!!! This is awesome!!! What am i going to wear!?!? i scream as soon as i walk into my house. My roommate runs down the staris. Omgeee Grace!!! There is so much we need to do!!! She says and grabs my arm pulling me up to my room. I shower and have her straighten my light brown hair. Gracie can you set me up with Niall please!?!?! She beggs while framing my bright blue eyes with a little mascara. Umm i dont know Aly i dont even know if me and Louis are going to work out. i say sadly with a little frown. Gurl you and Louis are made for each other trust me!! she says while picking out my clothing. Okay so light red dress with some black flats!? She asks questi onaly. Sure, red is his favorite color. I say with a smile. I get into my dress and put on my flats. You look sexy gurl you is gonna get some tonight!! She says giggling. No thanks unlike you im waiting till marridge!! I say giggling too. I paint my nails red and put a bunch of sparkels. Im ready!! I call to aly. I stand by the front door and await my prince charming. Louis' POV~ i walk to Grace's house. Im so nevous about this date. I love grace, but she probably dosent love me back. I reach the front door and ring the doorbell. It opens and Grace is standing there. She looks stunning, i stare into her bright blue beautiful eyes and hold my hand out. Your so sexy. I say out loud on accident. She blushes a bright crimson and we walk to the end of the drive way where a carridge awaits. Lou you didnt have to do this for me!! She says stunned as we get into it. But i wanted to. I whisper into her ear she shivers. You cold babe? I ask worried and she nods. I pull a fleecy blanket over top of us and wrap my arms around her. we drive around half the night and sight see. When we finaly arive at our destination its 10:00. We step out of the carridge and w are standing in front of the London eye. Suprise!! I whisper in her ear. We get on it and we ride to the top. I look into her eyes. Grace I love you. I whisper only loud enough for her to here. Gracie's POV~ did just say i love you!? I stare at him stunned. He drops his head to stare at the ground. Nevermi-. I love you too Louis. I cut him of. You do!? He asks happily. Yes i do Lou. I say with a giggle. He slowy leans into my lips. When they finaly meet there were instant fireworks. I love you Louis. I say looking into his eyes. I love you too Grace. He replys and we kiss again. THERE YOU GO GRACE HOPED YOU LIKED IT!!! :D NIAM OUT!!! PEACE!!!! :D
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