Imagines!!!!! <3 :)

Imagines for you just tell me your personality/fav 1D boy/and how you look.
Will be some swear words, Nothing dirty, you know what i mean!! ;)
Anyway im just doing this to get some good ideas for my actual fanfics so yeah, Enjoy!!!!! :)


2. Authors Note

Hey my little carrots,im sorry i cant update everyday cuz i got school. Yay!!!*note the sarcasm* Anyway just leave comments if you wanna be in one of these imagines, and i will try to get everyone. I have also been thinking if i should group people up that had different boys and make short two chaper storys and i might need a co-author. So sorry if i dont update. Poem of the day: Roses are Red, Heres something new, Violets are Violet, Not fucking Blue!!!! Niam out!!!! Peace!!!!! :)
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