Dreams Garden

Have you ever been on a holiday that you never wanted to end? I certainly have! I will never forget the holiday that made me feel at peace with the world...


1. Dreams Garden

Dreams Garden


I couldn’t help my mind flying! A dazzling waterfall as blue as the sky, short, green grass bedding the land. I imagined trees wrapped with cherry blossoms and scatters of ruby red roses rising over the garden. The sky would be as clear as the sea and little swallows would be swooping through the warm air. Dreams Garden. A heaven in itself!

My heart was filled with excitement as I dashed off the plane. My mind had already overloaded with plans to do everything there was to do. Shopping; swimming; lazing on the beach; shell collecting… The list was endless!

We booked in to the hotel and took the lift to our room on the 4th floor. We were staying in Marriot Resort. My parents are prime members so we always get the best things out of the hotels!

I ran to the biggest bedroom and dumped my stuff next to the bed. It was silky smooth and shone like the sun in the desert. The sheets were a pale shade of turquoise and as I lay down to sleep that night, I sunk into it like I was on a cloud.

The next day, I visited Dreams Garden. It was just how I imagined but better. There were millions of colours everywhere I looked and I felt like I was daydreaming all over again. I had a picnic on the grass with my family and I read my favourite book while my family were breaking their internet data limits before we had a chance to start the holiday properly. I remember a swallow landing beside me and gently pecking at the cake crumbs that somehow stuck to my candy coloured dress. I remember it staring at me like it was trying to talk to me. To thank me. Like it wanted me to stay forever.

I was more than eager to go back to Dreams Garden but part of me wanted to see more. I wanted to go to the beach and collect shells while licking strawberry flavoured ice cream with the sun beating down on my head. I wanted to expand my wardrobe and collect millions of souvenirs in a mile wide shopping centre. Dreams Garden was meant to be the first of many but now it feels like the one and only. Don’t you just hate it when you feel torn?

The day after, I went to the beach. It was paradise! The sun was beaming rays of never ending heat while the sea was a winter in itself! The sand was the colour of a model with an overdone spray tan. There were pieces of seaweed scattered on the water edge and I even found a baby oyster and saw it open and close its mouth as the foamy white gates of water crashed over it. You don’t ever see nature like that in the Thames River!

When we got back to the resort, I was in such a good mood that I decided to bake something sweet for the whole family to share. I gathered all the ingredients for a cake but I was feeling so inventive that I added cinnamon; lemon flavoured yoghurt; cocoa powder and half a bottle of coke to the sugar infested cake mix. It turned out amazing and my family loved it!

I remember the day I went shopping that holiday. It was cray cray! My whole family went with me to all the designer brands in the shopping mall and I promise you there were at least 20 different dresses stuffed into my suitcase that night!

The last day we were there, we went back to Dreams Garden. The minute I stepped on the feather-like grass, the same swallow from my first visit flew over to me and gracefully landed on my shoulder. I put my hand out in front of it and it jumped onto it, making cute chirping noises as it stared at me. Its feathers were warm and I could feel the gentlest beat of its heart tap on my palm through its coffee coloured wings.

Saying goodbye was probably the hardest thing I could ever do. I placed the swallow down on the grass and wiped a salty tear from the corner of my eye. Why was I crying? It’s not as if I’ll never go back their again. That holiday had been the best time of my life and I know it was something irreplaceable. I’ll come back though… I’ll make sure of it…

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