Why Me?

Liam smiles and reaches his hand up to me. I look at him confused.

"What are yo-" I try to say before he covers my mouth.

"This is going to hurt" He says, leaning towards my neck.

My eyes grow wide. I try to scream but it's muffled by his hand. Liam's other hand wraps around my arms, keeping them down. I struggle, trying to get away while trying to scream. His hold on me tightens. I move around trying to get away. Liam's mouth moves to my neck, softly kissing one spot before digging his teeth into my skin. I let out a bloodcurling scream, trying to get him off me. I stuggle, but that just makes the pain even worse.

All of a sudden, Liam gasps and looks up at me. I have mascara running down my face as I cry even harder. He looks horrified, as he leans away from my neck wiping away the blood, trying to get the blood to stop flowing.

"What have I done?" He whispers to himself, still holding me.


11. Sorry! Another A/N

Hey everyone! Look I'm really sorry about not updating either of my stories lately, I've been working on some other stories that are being promoted on liveluvcreate.com

I was really hoping that my co author would take the reins on this story, but it hasn't happened and I can't get ahold of her. So since I don't want this story to go to waste, I have decided to add yet again, another co author.

If you are interested, I will post my info at the end of this author's note.

If I choose you, I will need to be able to get ahold of you, AND you will need to keep your word and update, after I have checked the chapter. So, I wish you all good luck, and I apologize again for the disappointment.

Also, if you would like to read my stories on liveluvcreate.com my username is mimi16

Kik: myahhh16

Email: miamyah16@gmail.com

Liveluvcreate: mimi16



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